Monday, June 13, 2011

What Makes a Woman?

It's no secret I like to garden. I've written a few blogs on the subject. Maybe too many. LOL It's a good way to allow my mind to wander as I battle the weeds and nuture the flowers.

Yesterday, while trying to figure if the plant I was about to up root was weed or a black eyed susan, I over heard my younger son say something about being able to ride on the big kid bus next week and that he wouldn't be a little boy anymore.

A milestone. *sad sigh*

This, of course, lead me to think about milestones in general, particularly those a girl has to achieve to be a woman. I don't think when a person turns eighteen they automatically become an adult. That's just an age  some bureaucrat chose. Heck, I've met some thirty years old I wouldn't consider an adult.

What are some of the things a girl needs to do in her life, in general, that matures her into a woman?

Some things that came to mind are:
  • Losing her virginity
  • Having her heart broken
  • Sticking her neck out for someone
Anything else come to mind?

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1 comment:

MichelleKCanada said...

I definitely agree that it takes a entire smorgasbord of milestones that turns a girl into a woman. (For sure it' more than just getting your period.)

I think independence is a biggy. When a girl no longer has to "ask" permission to do something.

When a girl can make intelligent decisions and understand the consequences of her actions is another I think.

Great question to ponder!