Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cover Love

I have to tell you, I absolutely love the covers that Decadent has given my stories. First off, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots will be released August 26th. Now I want to tell you something special about this story. Psst, come closer.

As a US Army vet and mother to a Marine serving in Afghanistan, this is a very special story to me. It will be the first story I’ll have released with Decadent Publishing as part of their 1NightStand series,

All royalties I earn from the sale of Cinderella Wore Combat Boots will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project,

This organization provides help to vets wounded in conflicts and support to their families as they recover from their injuries, helping them to move forward in their lives with dignity and honor. Please consider purchasing Cinderella Wore Combat Boots and help me give back to those who have given so much in the line of duty.

Now it's time for a little gratuitous blurbage: 

Sometimes Fairytales come true.

First Sergeant Cori Valentine faces a bleak future. She’s turning forty in three weeks and her life as she knows it is over. An injury received while on deployment has earned her an early retirement from the Marine Corp, something she’s not sure she’ll survive. Things get even crazier when interfering Marines set her up on a blind date for a party she doesn’t want. The guy has to be a total toad to want to go out with her. Right?

When Madame Eve tells Retired Seal, Sol Keller she’s found his perfect match, he doesn’t believe her, but takes her up on the challenge. One look at the sexy First Sergeant in a ball gown and combat boots has him wondering if fairytales really can come true. Madame Eve might just be the legendary Fairy Godmother, and

Cori his Cinderella. Now Sol intends to show the Marine beauty a Prince Charming she’ll never forget, and that retirement isn’t the end of her story, but merely the beginning.

One more cover...
Whoo hooo! I lurv this cover! How hot can cool get? This story is for the 1NS Christmas series, release date to be announced. It's a little paranormal and a little science fiction.
One night. One party of a lifetime. One secret a century old, which could end it all.

Shiya, a Yupik supermodel, travels to Alaska in pretense of attending a party where she’ll find the man of her dreams, but her real intent is to lure the man of her nightmares to where she can finally end the deadly game of cat and mouse.

Gunnar is on Earth for one reason—to recover the wreckage of a Doppelganger crash, but recovering the ship isn’t as easy as expected. The debris is scattered for miles, throughout a resort and human settlements. In order to get closer, he agrees to a date to attend a ball and finds himself face to face with a Terran woman who doesn’t know her genetics are from his world, or that she was born to be his. She’s also in grave danger from a Doppelganger hunter.

Now the only way to save her, is to claim her, and Shiya isn’t about to make it easy.

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MamaElk said...

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots.....Love it! The cover kicks butt. Bravo for supporting such a wonderful cause. Even if the book didn't sound as fun as it does, I would buy it, lol.On TBR list :)

I'm more into paranormal lately, but that's all right, you have that covered too!

Endoris Night sounds really interesting, and I can't wait to read it. Fun, fun, fun! The polar bear on the cover has me curious, lol!