Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Late! or Catching Up with Rebecca Royce.

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry that I'm so late today blogging. I don't know what happened except that the three-day weekend we had here in the States has thrown me off kilter. All morning, I thought it was Monday except, of course, that its Tuesday. So please excuse my tardiness.

Anyway I'm here now. Do you like my new cover? I just got it yesterday. Its for a holiday One Night Stand series with Decadent Publishing and I just thought I'd show it off because I'm crazy about it.

What's new with all of you?

As for me, I've just returned from RWA where I had a wonderful time. I got to meet some really cool people and connect, in person, with some friends I had only ever spoken to online. I learned a lot of interesting things about writing light paranormals versus dark paranormals and some tricks to understanding body language that I'm hoping to apply to my own writing.

I also ate some really yummy food, drank some very good alcohol, and travelled around New York City. NYC is, if you don't know, about fifteen minutes from where I live but I never take the time anymore to really appreciate it. Usually, I have to go in and do something and then go back out. Leisurely walking around is not something this mother of 3 usually gets to do. So all in all, despite the fact that I had to leave early because I caught a nasty cold. I had a stupendous time.

Now, I'm home. I'm writing the next installment of my Outsiders series and working on edits for a short story called Behind The Scenes that will be coming out with Decadent Publishing. Also, early next week, my book Angel's Wolf--the sixth book in the Westervelt Wolves series will be releasing.

That is all. For Now.

What is up with all of you?

Rebecca Royce

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