Sunday, July 17, 2011

Please welcome Angela S. Stone!!!

When the lovely Stacey asked for some guest bloggers for here at paranormal romantics I jumped at the chance. Why? I love paranormal romance.

When I think of paranormal romance I don’t think of your typical vampires, zombies or ghosts. I think of something much darker than that. The Human mind.

In every book or movie about vampires, zombies ghost, even demons I’ve never read or seen anything as scary as true-life tales of what one human can do to another human. With that in mind I started writing about ESP- Extra Sensory Perception. I had a couple of rules, I wanted a strong and feisty heroine, I wanted an unseen villain, I wanted to make ESP possible.

We all know the myth that if you lose one sense your other senses are more acute. For instance if you’re visually impaired your hearing is better. That’s not necessarily the case. In reality you rely more on your ears than your eyes so you’re more in-tuned with what is happening. You hearing isn’t better your just listen more.

So what if the same principle could be applied to ESP. What if by losing one sense your ESP increases to compensate? In my novel “Duty, Honour, Love” (Sorry no pretty cover art yet!) Jaden Black is a powerful telepath. Her power is increased greatly because she’s deaf. Could it happen? Maybe.

Also I think ESP should be an inherited trait. It just doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Like eye colour or facial features it’s passed down from generation to generation. A parent or grandparent teaching their children the craft.

What would happen if your sister or brother had ESP but you didn’t? Would you be happy or would you go to any length or try and obtain their powers?

What if for the first time you met someone else who had a form of ESP how would you feel or react? In Duty Honour love Jaden faces these questions along with her sexy partner Cameron Olsen.

This is my first attempt at paranormal romance and damn! I like it a lot. So much so that I’m working on a second novel “Duty, Love, Sacrifice” featuring two characters that you meet in the first book. I even have a third book bouncing around in my head. The series title I’m playing with is “Toronto’s Elite”

I love the idea that the evil isn’t an outside force but with-in each and every one of us. The potential to be evil exists even in those who would serve and protect.

Ooo I get shivers just thinking about it!

I want to thank Stacey for letting me pop in and ramble about ESP the process of developing Jaden and my new book. I hope that she’ll let me come back with some pretty cover art and some excerpts once they become available.

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Angela S. Stone


Stacey Kennedy said...

Thank Angela for dropping by! We're so happy you came to talk with us today!! ;-)

Annie Nicholas said...

That gave me the shivers too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Angela! Great read! :D

Allie H said...

Welcome, Angela, this sounds great! I can't wait to read more. When will it be available? ;)

Angela S. Stone said...

Thank you so much for having me!! Annie- SO glad I gave you shivers.
Allie- Waiting on a contract still. So I'm hoping sooner rather than later!