Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deadlines and Math

If ever two words could strike fear in the heart of, well, anyone, it's deadlines and math. I say this as I'm bent over a calendar averaging out what my daily write goal needs to be to get my current WIP written, revised, edited and ready to send my editor by December. That said...

I've never had a deadline before, writing-wise. Even now I hesitate to call it a deadline. It's more of a timeline suggestion. Sure I've done the "I need this back in 24 hours" thing with edits, but that's when the book is done and contracted. This is staring down blank pages and hoping they fill in in time. Scary stuff, that.

According to my calculations, if I stick hard to my usual 2k a day write goal, I'll have this book wrapped up by October the fifteenth(ish). That might happen if I wasn't a pantser and knew where this book was headed. Since I'm not and I don't, let's cross our fingers, shall we?

So let's say end of October with a month for edits and cleanup. Doable. I hope.

Maybe I should get one of those fancy countdown widgets...the sparklier the better.

How about y'all? Any deadlines looming? Have you had to dust off your calculator and test your math skills recently?


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Yes! I've got quite a few deadlines and they are for WIPs. Nothing like a gigantic elephant to make you stress. at least it's good stress!


Hailey Edwards said...

I agree. While I don't enjoy the stress, I do like pushing myself to see how far I can make it. This is the first time I've been firm on a deadline. I'm 1/3 finished and hoping the rest falls into place.
Yeah, right. Like that ever happens.
Let's say that should give me plenty of time for revisions of back-end work when I wrap up this draft. ;)

Good luck on your deadlines!