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The hero of my latest release is a rock star, with all of the egocentricities and failings of many celebrities. But he comes by it honestly. After all, he has the devil’s soul within him and that would be enough to turn anyone into a bad boy of rock and roll…THE bad boy, in fact :)

Gabriel was finally on the right track though. A terrible tragedy opened his eyes to the train wreck his life of drugs, booze and cheap sex had become, and he wanted to change all that. That is, until he finds out about the path destiny had chosen for him.

So how does one fight fate when it starts hurtling out of your control? How do you deal with the idea that there’s nothing you can do to change things?

Those are the questions Gabriel struggles with in FALLING HARD, and sadly, the outcome of all that strife and conflict seemed pretty clear. But I wasn’t happy with what I was going to have to write until I realized that recognizing the truth and accepting who you are doesn’t necessarily mean giving in or giving up.

Yes, there are certain truths that can’t be changed or ignored, and Gabriel certainly had a fight on his hands, but I wanted the reader to see that the fight was still worth having, that even in the face of destiny, a valiant heart could make a difference. Sounds corny, especially for a hardened, jaded rock star, right? Well, not quite. Especially not when the one person standing on your side is a beautiful angel wielding a wicked sword ?

Excerpt from FALLING HARD, available from Carina Press

The blade slid into Gabriel’s midsection. All too easily. Agony flared as the length of steel scraped his rib before passing through. He cried out when the weapon was yanked back out again, impotent rage a thick sludge that pounded in his veins.

Falling to his knees, he pressed a fist into the wound, taking ragged breaths. Pain spiked in his side, a hundred times worse than any runner’s stitch. Deep red blood had already spilled over his hand and spread across his white shirt. He couldn’t stop it. It ran down into the waistband of his jeans. He could feel it, warm and wet and sticky.

He struggled to stay upright, to protect David. Black ink spots swam in front of his eyes, but he could still see the dark figure poised over him, ready to strike another, this time final, blow.
His life’s blood flowing between his fingers, Gabriel found it hard to imagine that less than five minutes ago he’d been teasing David and making plans to spend a lazy week hanging out with him and Lila before settling in to get started on the new album.

Oh God, David.

As Gabriel’s eyelids drooped a little more, he whispered an apology, one he feared his friend couldn’t hear.

Just then a rustling sounded from somewhere close, but he couldn’t tell whether it came from in front or behind. Gabriel forced his eyes back open in time to catch sight of another figure landing between him and his attacker, as if falling from directly above.

Warmth bathed his upturned face and it took him a moment to realize it wasn’t blood splashing across his skin. A woman stood with her back to him. Blond hair fell to her shoulders. While his vision was spotty and blurred, he couldn’t mistake the bright glow that surrounded her, a visible aura of white light extending outward and enfolding him in its sphere. Awestruck, he held his breath.

She looked over her shoulder, big blue eyes examining him with a taciturn expression.

Blue eyes. Blond hair.

Gabriel’s mouth opened and closed as he fought to call out a warning, but the words came as a harsh groan of pain. Struggling through the nausea and dizziness, he reached for her, trying to grab her and pull her back, but she shrugged off his hand as if he were a nuisance getting in her way.

The last of his strength bled away. Gabriel’s final image before consciousness deserted him was of a golden warrior goddess dressed in silver armor and bathed in light, brandishing a gleaming sword in his defense as great white wings spread out from her shoulder blades—

Angel wings.

But that was impossible…

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Cathy said...

Sounds like a great read.

Ryssa Edwards said...

This looks so good! And I love, ". . . even in the face of destiny, a valiant heart could make a difference . . ." Yes it can, and no, it's *not* corny.

This looks like an awesome read!