Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where In The World Have You Been Rebecca Royce?

Well, its been a while since I personally posted here because I have been so blessed to have so many incredible guest bloggers. To all of you who blogged for me, I thank you so much! We loved have all of you. And if anyone would like to guest blog in the future, please let me know.

So. An Update.

I have been very lucky. My Book Love Beyond Time released from Silver Publishing and I am in the midst of a blog tour for that. Please do stop by Gale Stanley's blog Walk on the Wild Side and say Hello!

Other than that, I spent some time at my parents' place in Florida. Had a wonderful time!! I've seen some movies--good and bad--and I've written the fourth book in The Outsider series. I'm hoping it will be accepted for publication.

How are all of you?


Ryssa Edwards said...

Hi Rebecca,
It was fun guest blogging here.

Congrats on your release with Silver Publishing!

D L Jackson said...

Welcome back. Congrats on the new release.