Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween…or Bah Humbug—oh wait is that chocolate? by Rebecca Royce

In our household, I am definitely the parent who gets less enthusiastic about holidays.  My husband can’t get enough of them. He loves the prep work (even the cooking), he loves the decorating, and he loves the whole experience of the day. If he can, he takes off Halloween from work and goes trick or treating with the children. 

The whole thing makes me feel exhausted.  The kids have to get into their costumes. They have to  go to school—sometimes in their costumes. I have to drive to 3 different classes to see them all parade or party or sing or…..

But then we get out there and they do look cute in their costumes.  And they love to pose and to smile. I get the best family pictures on Halloween. And they’re so happy. And I get to see my best friends who are also trick or treating.

That sort of inspires me to get more into it. 

Then the kids come home. They’re exhausted. Cranky. Difficult. They get to bed.  And my Halloween starts.

Oooh. Look at the chocolate.

What inspires you to get into the holiday?

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Rebecca Royce


The Brunette Librarian said...

It's completely weird, but I love the smells of Halloween...or Autumn. I enjoy the pumpkin snacks, the cinnamon candles, the baking, the chocolate. I went to Bath and Body works just yesterday to buy a new pumpkin candle to celebrate. Just something relaxing and calming about the smell of Halloween. :)

Happy Happy Halloween! Hope you get through your day tomorrow.

rachie2004 AT yah00 *d8t* c-m

Pretty Eyes said...

I love the looks on the little kids' faces when you admire their costumes. It is great to hear their little lispy requests for candy!


Lyric James said...

I know how you feel. This year is the first year my hubby doesn't have to work at night...I'm hoping I can convince to do the neighborhood thing and I can stay at home and eat...I mean, give out the chocolate. LOL

elaing8 said...

Nothing get me inspired for Halloween. Its just not my holiday.
Christmas though is another story..its the first snow fall (that stays) its making the lists of what I need to buy for baking and gifts. then decorating the tree on the 1st of Dec. Those get me inspired for Xmas.

Kristi kaiser said...

All the sweet litte faces, I can't wait till tomorrow night!

Jennifer Mathis said...

we do decorate the yard and all the town gets in there car to drive by and gawk that always makes me feel it was worth it

mnjcarter said...

This may be a strange answer, but football and the leaves changing and falling off the trees are what get me ready, fall is my favorite and with that comes Halloween!!

Arianne Cruz said...

Family is pretty much the only one that inspires me to be festive. I love holidays, it's like everyone is happy :D

email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

Shonna said...

I love the way the wind blows and the cold wind blows the leaves from the trees

Shonna said...

I also love the way the little kids say TRICK OR TREAT in there costumes and hold out their bags for a treat

*yadkny* said...

The little ones in their costumes are what get to me:) I'm not terribly big on decorating because I save all of that time, energy, and money for the Christmas holiday season, but I do like going to the pumpkin patch and handing out treats.

June M. said...

I do love Halloween. The decorations, the stories, movies, costumes. And especially the candy. Unfortunately, where I live in the country, I never get trick or treaters and my sisters kids are too old. My brother lives too far from me to go trick or treating with his little boys so I usually just curl up with a good paranormal book and some candy, lol.
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

For me, it's a cape. I'm fine until I see one but, once I do, all bets are off. I'm off to paint my nails black and dust purple circles around my eyes and muhahahahaha at anyone who looks at me.

All because of a cape. Go figure.

Annie Nicholas said...

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