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An Interview with Ares-Guest Spot-Lisa Beth Darling

We're here today on a secluded Greek Isle with Ares God of War.   The brawny 7 foot God before me is leisurely lounging across his Throne of Bones, his long muscular legs draped over one arm. All around us fires burns, the massive hearth behind me is fed by small trees, while in the corners of his dark cave torches burn bringing an eerie glow to the grim surroundings. Everywhere I look there is a weapon of some kind; sword, dagger, arrows, halberds, and of course, guns. The other 'decorations' consist of armor; brightly polished shields, breastplates, and helmets glow in the firelight to remind to be cautious and courteous to the drop-dead gorgeous man staring at me with smoldering onyx eyes.

Lisa: Just wondering, but, why aren't we conducting this interview on Olympus today?
Ares:  Suffice it to say that, my Family and I don't get along. Besides, if you went to Olympus with me willingly then there'd be nothing to prevent you from staying a lot longer than you expected.

Lisa: But you do live on Olympus, don't you?
Ares: I do now, this is my…home away from home (he says with a sly smile)…where I come to think and get away from their bickering and back stabbing.  (The God of War waves a heavy hand in the air) Enough of them ask me something else.

Lisa: (Swallowing hard) Sure…you've been alive for a long time—and you're in amazing shape, truly first rate.
Ares: (Snickers) Thank you, at my age, just over five thousand years, I have to work at it but, the package is holding us nicely, wouldn't you say?

Lisa: Definitely.

 (There's an animal magnetism about him, something drawing me to close to him and whispering my own primal desire to touch him, run my hands wildly along his exposed chest—must be professional, can't think about that, on with the interview.)

Lisa: Being so old, are you wealthy? Do you even have any need for money?
Ares: I'm a God, I don't need anything but, when one has hung around this planet as long as I have, one can't help but amass wealth. Yes, in the world of Mortal Men, I am very rich.

Lisa: So why come here? Why not buy a mansion for your getaway instead of this hovel? (Instantly I know I've made a mistake, as the God of War stop lounging, swings those tree-trunk legs off the arm of his Throne of Bones, and leans in close to stare at me with smoldering eyes.)
Ares: Hovel?

Lisa: Well, I just meant…well…it is a cave.  It's very nice…for a cave.
Ares: (Snarl. His upper lips curls and then settles as he shakes his head.) I have many homes from mansions to small cabins all over the world. I have a full fleet of vehicles, mostly expensive fast cars and motorcycles, I have yachts, a helicopter, a speedboat, and many other mortal toys.
Lisa: Motorcycles? Speedboats? Thrill seeker, Lord Ares? Why? You're a God, you can do whatever you want.
Ares: And I have, a thousand times over. On Olympus they get their kicks by gossiping and stabbing each other in the back. Down here life is fragile, fleeting, Mortals love to test their limits—I like to do that too. Besides, you know, sometimes, ya just gotta have a little fun. Satisfied, woman?

Lisa: (Not yet, but um….)  Speaking of satisfaction, I hear there's something particularly interesting about you.

 (With purpose and delight I cast my eyes toward that bulge in leather pants and wonder if what I've  heard is true. The snarl on his face turns to a grin and then a wicked little smile that makes my heart jump.)

Ares: I take it you've heard about the enormity of my manhood and that I can control the size of my cock. Yes?
Lisa: (My mouth starts to water and all I can do is nod. I've heard that when his staff is at its full potential its nearly the size of a Louisville Slugger.)

Ares: It's true, I can control it, length and breadth, to suit the woman below me.  It's more of a …precaution than anything else. I'm so well-endowed that not many mortal women can take me, I can only achieve full sexual satisfaction with a Goddess, that's why I, up until very recently, I kept a constant stable of eight women around me, at my disposal, whenever, wherever, however, I wanted them.

Lisa: (The subject is at hand and I just have to know, so I whisper;) They say women die in your bed, is that true?
Ares: It's not my fault (he's almost apologetic about it) as I said, not many mortal women can take me and, on occasion, I've been known to become overzealous. I tend to make love with as much zest as I war, after all the two are so closely related. They may have died from internal blunt force trauma, but I assure you, they all died smiling.

Lisa: I bet
Ares: Excuse me?

Lisa: Ah, nothing. (I can't tell if it's the hearth or the God but it's suddenly very warm in here, I feel sweat breaking out on my forehead—before I know it--) I think I could take you.
Ares: (Sits further forward and licks his lips, he's so close the musky masculine scent of him is filling my head to forbidden thoughts) Do you?

Alena: I don't think so.

 (A woman's voice has broken the tension and I tear my eyes away from Ares to see that a very pregnant woman has entered the room. She's very beautiful with her long silver/gray hair, alabaster skin, and stormy eyes.)

Ares: (Smiles wide, making his smoldering eyes sparkling, as he stands and holds his hand out to the woman.) Ah, Alena, my lovely Wife. (Taking her hand, and kissing her cheek, he sits her on his Throne of Bones) Thanks to her no more women die in my bed, she is the only one I desire, but your offer was tempting.

Lisa: When is the baby due?
Alena:  Any day now.
Ares: She's supposed to be resting on Olympus, Raven—our Son here—has been giving his mother much trouble.
Alena: (Looks up at her husband with love in her gray eyes) I missed you.
Lisa: Well, I won't keep you any longer then. Thank you very much for spending this time with us today, Lord Ares and you too, Lady Alena, for coming to grace us with your presence.  I wish you both all the best with your blessed event.

Ares: I'm sure you'll be reading all about it soon.





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