Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Friday

"Hi, my name is Joann, I don't like chocolate."

*wiping the tomato from my face* Sorry, ladies, chocolate just doesn't do what wonderful, salty snacks do for me - especially potato chips. I'm going to talk about my favorite snacks for when I'm reading or writing. Hey, don't hate, lol, my books all have greasy little corners when yours undoubtedly have chocy smears. *laughing*

Once I'm settled in my fav chair, feet tucked under me, a cold beer (the usual) sometimes a glass of wine beside me, I rip open a fresh bag of my favorite chips: Herr's Red Hots. First off, you have to like hot to eat these babies. Yum... the redder the better!! There is just this awesome, comforting feeling about licking my fingers, tasting the salty, spicy, hot flavor as I turn the pages. If I'm writing, I often reach into the bag beside my computer when I'm contemplating what my characters will do or say next. And, yup, I'm a licker. I lick the seasoned goodness from one side, flip to the other side, then I pop it all the way in my mouth. Orgasmic is a good word right at this point! *grin*

When I lived on the West Coast, they didn't have Herr's and I had to settle for another brand of chip. They were okay, but not the same. You know what? They didn't have Tastykake Krimpets either, but that's another story for when I have a sweet tooth. One of the first things I bought when I came home, along with a good Philly style cheesesteak, was a bag of Herr's potato chips!

I like crunchy things and I stuff chips into my sandwiches. Lordy, you've got to do this if you haven't already. Nothing like biting down on your sandwich and getting the flavor and crunch of a good chip. This brings me to a new chip I've discovered and, yes, it's a hot one too: Kruncher's Jalapeno chip by Snyders of Hanover. Talk about crunch--you can hear it across the room! I often munch on these at work and the peppery smell brings people to my desk in droves--all wanting a sample!

So, if you get a chance, and you're reading a good book, or eating your favorite sandwich, try adding the chips. You might like it...

What's your favorite reading snack? If it's chocolate, you can tell me... I won't throw a tomato at you!!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. J. Hali Steele

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