Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Favorite Holiday by CM Torrens

Hi, I'm C.M. Torrens the wonderful ladies of Paranormal Romantics are having this great giveaway and who doesn't want candy on Halloween? 

Halloween is my favorite holiday. We carve cool pumpkins, make our yard up into a graveyard and my son and his friends jump out of the bushes to scare the life out of full grown men. There are few things funnier than seeing grown men make a mad dash to get away from two teenage boys in costumes while screaming like little girls.

BlurbSimon has waited centuries for someone like Robert, but their first meeting is intended to be their last: Robert’s time on Earth is up, and it is Simon’s place to take him out of this world and into the next. Instead, Simon makes a split-second decision to save Robert’s life, though he is uncomfortably aware he has only postponed the inevitable.

Robert quickly falls for Simon, but when he notices the way Death seems to follow him around, his curiosity about Simon’s true nature turns to suspicion, all but erasing his memories of the man. Simon must fight to make him remember… and to stop Robert from making a grisly mistake.

To celebrate this wonderful holiday I'm giving away a free copy of His Soul To Take, my M/M Paranormal Romance novella.

C.M. Torrens

Author of HIS SOUL TO TAKE, available from Dreamspinner Press.
Blog: Sweet Sounds of a Panicked Writer.
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Mary said...

What a great premise for a story! I'll definitely add His Soul To Take to my list of must-reads for Halloween!

The Brunette Librarian said...

Halloween is pretty great isn't it? :) The last few years, I've really noticed people posting lights just like Christmas. It's so neat! We do the pumpkin thing at home, and it's always a big thing at work.

Autumn is definitely in the air! The candy doesn't hurt either :)

rachie2004 AT yah00 *d8t* c-m

Happy Happy Halloween!

elaing8 said...

LOL at the grown men running scared..don't you just love it.
His Soul To Take sounds really good.

Pretty Eyes said...

The premise of your ebook sounds awesome. Halloween here is always fun, as the little ones are so excited about getting dressed up, and the big ones love seeing them.


Lyric James said...

LOL..I would love to see grown men screaming like little girls. Great post!

Shonna said...

It sounds like your son really enjoys Halloween too

Shonna said...

His Soul to Take sounds like a great read. So glad to hear about it. Thank you for sharing

Jennifer Mathis said...

whats funnier then grown men running, i'll share . my hubby likes to dress up and jump out of the bushes too . Well this group of little 6-7 yr old girls were coming up the sidewalk and hub jumped out at them ( after i told him not to i might add) and these girl beat the tar out of him and left him rolling in the dirt. I had to give them extra treats

Arianne Cruz said...

Interesting blurb :)
email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

cmtorrens said...

@Mary - Thanks and good luck!

@The Brunette Librarian - I loove this season. The scent of burning leaves and that winter chill in the air. A real shame it means winter is close. Not a big fan of the cold.

@elaing8 - LOL I am so going to have to take pictures this year. Nothing quite as amusing as grown men running scared.

cmtorrens said...

@Pretty Eyes- Lover your handle. Oh yeah the costumes get better and better every year.

@Lyrical James - I'll see what I can do. lol

@Shonna - Thanks and good luck!

@Jennifer Mathis - OMG that's too funny! lol Gotta love the fight or flight response. hehe

cmtorrens said...

@arraine Cruz - Thanks and good luck!

Eva's Flowers said...

I usually go with my sisters to take the nieces out trick-or-treating and we have to watch out for houses like this, because we have been known to drop everything and run, while the kids stay and laugh at us :)


June M. said...

I always love to see grown men running and screaming because they are scared. It is usually the ones who like to act all tough that do this too.
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

@June M. - Very true. I'll try to get some pics. hehe

Annie Nicholas said...

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