Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat by Mima

In the cheesy mall store full of pot posters and lava lamps, a brunette and a blonde huddled around a small black box. Both had long hair hanging to their waist, full of gleaming waves that spoke of an excellent salon.

The brunette smoothed her fingers over the image reverently. “Do you know how hard you have to bite to break one of those candies? There’s no nibbling with those. You really have to chomp.”

“Yeah, and you have to pull it up into your mouth, too, using your tongue. It can get kind of sticky, if you drool on the other candies on the string.” The blonde swallowed.

The two women considered the box with a frown. There were serious logistical issues with a candy crotch-pouch. Their dazed eyes and slack lips testified to the fact that such concerns were not going to prevent a sale.

“He’ll never wear it,” the blonde mourned.

“We’ll see.” The brunette spun on her heel and took the box to the counter.


When they handed him the bag, he peeked inside. Then burst out laughing. “Thanks for the treat.”

“It’s ours, actually.” The blonde clasped her hands nervously.

“To eat off you.” The brunette folded her arms.

Chuckling, he raised one brow. “Yeah, in your dreams.”

The brunette raised her brow right back. “You lost the bet.”

All his mirth disappeared. “This is not my Halloween costume.”

The blonde squirmed in her chair. Breathily she sighed, “Yeah. It is.”

He held up the lattice of candy strung in rows. “This is a g-string!”

She nodded. “One size fits most. Don’t worry, it stretches.”

“I thought we were going as pirates.” He glowered at her.

The brunette smiled sweetly. “Your pirate wears underwear. Ours don’t.”


The club was packed. The fairies were annoying. Their wings caught on everyone. The witches and vampires were too similar to the usual Goths to be very interesting. In the darkest corner, a brooding pirate captain sat, an eye-patched blonde perched on one thigh. They stared at a brunette writhing against the center pillar of the dance floor: striped pants painted on her round ass, tall leather boots brushing the juncture of her thighs, leather corset barely containing her full breasts, which she massaged openly as she swayed. The captain’s hand went under the blonde pirate’s tattered skirt. Her nipples were clear and sharp beneath the thin poet’s blouse.


“It chafes,” he growled at the brunette when the song ended and she sauntered over. Hard driving rhythms took up immediately, unifying their hearts into a single beat.

“Awww. Poor pirate. Suck it up.” She adjusted the blonde’s thigh, spreading it slightly.

“No, you’re gonna suck it up.” His arm twisted as he worked the blonde. The muscles of his forearm flexed stark as he pumped his hand.

“Aye, Captain!” The blonde agreed, licking her lips. She kept her back ramrod straight.

“And it certainly doesn’t fit the boner I’ve had most of the night.”

The brunette judged the Halloween crowd, the darkness, their relative lack of privacy. Bending down to the two seated pirates, she taunted, “Let’s see.”

His dark eyes narrowed. “Down.”

Both women fell to their knees in front of him. Easing his leather pants open, they burst into gales of giggles to see his thick cock spearing through the candy rows.

“Get it off before someone sees.”

“Oh, we will,” the brunette kneaded his strong thigh. She leaned in and licked hard.

The blonde buried her face in his balls, lips and tongue working.


His hands held each head tightly to his groin.

A loud crack sounded. He jumped.

“Damn! Watch your teeth.”

Warm breath poured over him, along with saliva and the occasional sharp shard of broken candy. He smelled a sugary sweetness that made his own mouth water. Hot lips sucked the side of his cock. A flicking tongue poked at one sac. The candy beads between his cheeks rubbed as they tugged at the web of elastic. Let’s see how they liked it when he turned the tables on them. He foresaw two sets of candy bikinis in his bed, soon.


Shadows hid the bouncing head of the brunette between his thighs. One of her hands was clenched in a fistful of candy beads, tugging regularly on the strings she held. Her other hand was down the front of her tight silky pants. If anyone looked past the orange strobe lights, they’d notice him eating at the blonde’s tits through her shirt. Her hands were in the long, loose locks of the brunette. The feather on her hat bobbed in time with his hand ramming up beneath her skirt.

Pulling away from the fat nipple exposed beneath the transparent, wet cloth, he grinned a pirate’s grin when she wailed and shook in the circle of his arm, his hand twisting hard. Then it was his turn to shiver as the brunette swallowed tight against his groin, crushing his length in her throat. Lava boiled his veins and his nerves went electric. Peace shocked his body still while the music drowned them. The brunette rocked through her own moment, gusting hot moans over his sensitive cock.


“Trick or treat?”

He tightened his arms around the brunette he danced with. “I think I’ve had both tonight.”

The curves of the smaller blonde pirate pressed against his bare back. Her arms circled his waist, nails rasping his abs.

“Answer me. Trick or treat?”

He considered the strong woman plastered to his front. “See that’s the problem with me. I won’t choose. I like them both.”

Her fingers laced around his neck and she tipped her head coyly, hips flicking against his.

The blonde’s busy fingers roamed up to his nipples and plucked. Then they twisted the brunette’s before retreating to cup his ass.

The brunette nodded. “You’re right. Both have benefits.”


Which do you prefer? Trick? Treat? Or Both?

The End

Mima recently released a new Bonded fantasy, Rogue Within, the story of a bad bear-shifter and the princess he wants to use as bait for evil wizards. In honor of the release, she offers a lucky commenter his or her choice of an e-title in her backlist. Just share your answer to the question at the end of the story. Winner will be announced on Halloween. Visit to learn more about Mima’s erotic fantasy, paranormal, and scifi romances. And Happy All Hallows’ Eve!



Mima said...

my story has zebra-fied!

Jennifer Mathis said...

shewey that was hot

Pretty Eyes said...

Ye gads...sizzling does not even begin to describe it. I will never look at a candy necklace the same way again. :)

Amy S. said...

That was good! I prefer both! lol

elaing8 said...

Holy moly!!That was hot.
I like both :)

Mima said...

glad i could steam up the night for you!

Lulu said...

First thing I thought of was, "Damn, that's gonna be sticky!" lol

I prefer a trick that leans toward the "treat" side. :::wink:::

Shonna said...

Someone please throw a bucket of ice on me. It got very hot in here.

Shonna said...

Help Help!!! My computer screen just caught fire because the words I just read were so HOT!!!!

The Brunette Librarian said...

A bad bear shifter :) Just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!!!

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heather said...

Oh my gosh, that is the coolest thing ever and imagine the fun, hehe. Both, always both :)

Sheri Fredricks said...

Nice short story! Great idea with the candy. :)

steph beck said...

Love the pic. i feel like i need one of those for my gift?

Mima said...

thank you everyone, for giving my story a try. and steph, they really are for sale in my mall at spencer gifts.

Arianne Cruz said...

I like a nice trick, and then an uber awesome treat when I get the trick correctly :)
email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

mnjcarter said...

I'm going to go and get myself some candy necklaces, cut them apart and restring them to certain specifications!! So yummy, in so many ways!!

Eva's Flowers said...

Oh such wicked fantasies that candy brings to mind! Thanks for sharing that story, I enjoyed reading it :)


June M. said...

I definitely prefer treats to tricks. That was a great story, btw. Thanks so much.
June M.
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Annie Nicholas said...

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