Friday, January 25, 2013

Footprints in the Snow

We are having snow days in the UK, which isn't all that common. Let's face it, two inches of snow, and everyone freaks out and panics. :)
Of course, I just wrecked the steering on the car after putting it in a ditch. The slide into it probably didn't do anything. It was one of those gentle, slow motion type slides. What did it was very likely the pulling out of the ditch, courtesy of our friendly farmer, who came to my rescue with his tractor. I was back on the road -- but I knew something was wrong the second I pulled away. Yay. *cough*
It got me to thinking though.
Imagine being stranded, your car in a deep ditch, and having to trudge through the woods to civilization.
That's all very well in my neck of the woods, but what if you were in a remote area...and you found footprints in the snow.
Footprints that are far too large to be human.
We've all heard of a Yeti. Maybe you call them Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. I wondered what would happen if your rescuer weren't a man with a tractor -- but Bigfoot.
And what if Bigfoot took you somewhere safe for the night, keeping you warm?
Would you tell when you got back to civilization? Would you give away Bigfoot's hideout, if you owe the creature your life?
I think I'd keep quiet, but it would be hard.
I also know I'd go back there to see if I've imagined it. :)

What would you do?

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Teresa Cypher said...

Great imagination! I don't think I'd tell. Would you?