Saturday, January 12, 2013


January 12 is a holiday - Feast of Fabulous Wild Men.

Now what kind of holiday is this? Well, I tried to find out because as I've mentioned before and all who know me can tell you I love chasing rabbits down trails. But as many of my rabbits trails do this one led to a dead end. On the website – Holiday Insights – they suggested surfing the net and feasting your eyes on fabulous wild men... And in the effort to be a good blogger, (cough, cough) I did so.

LEAVES wild men sexy underwear distribution (Photos) - underwear - Clothing industry
After an hour or so of that – I want all the readers here to know it was done for this blog not personal enjoyment (wink) – I decided I needed to finish writing this post. I'm happy to report there are in fact many fabulous wild men out there.  I've included a picture of one of  the wild men I really enjoyed feasting my eyes on:)

But what really started this stroll down the rabbit trail was research for my holiday romance suspense I'm currently working on. I know how my family celebrates, how my husband's family celebrates, and close friends but what about traditions I'm not familiar with. I want my characters to layered and my plot to have some interesting elements which may be achieved by including some lesser known holiday's or ways of celebrating those that are widely known.

Now I don't think my hero or heroine will be partaking in any Feast of Fabulous Wild Men but I did enjoy the eye candy the dead end supplied. I also did come across some very interesting things that I will incorporate into my WIP.

I'd love to hear what are some of the unique holidays or celebrates you've come across.

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