Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of Traditions and Things


It's my birthday today. I think the day is going to just pass by with no fuss, but every year I'm surprised by the well wishes from all. It's heartwarming and makes my day awesome. 

My husband and I have meshed our traditions together to create a fun day. There are some I've had to adapt or let go and likewise with him. This is true for every holiday. We've compromised. Wouldn't paranormal characters have to do the same? 

How does an older vampire feel about the lack of handwritten correspondence? Does he miss the intimacy of flowing script and the scratch of pen to paper? Is he thankful for modern conveniences? Is it refreshing to send an email? 

I like my vampires long in the tooth, cunning, and full of idiosyncrasies. Let him wear a cross and rock a pair of low slung jeans with the grace and power of a man commanding an army. Make him push the boundaries and limits of his life.  

Does he give you roses or a flower from his homeland? Will he dance with you under the stars or in a club to house music? 

What does he do for your birthday? Is it flower petals and candles or whisking you away to the forest for a chase through the moss covered pathways? ;) 

I'm in the mood to write a sexy vampire. 

Have a great rest of your week, all! I'm off to write with Ditter. :) 

Dawn Montgomery


Ditter said...

I love it, Dawn!! Happy Birthday!

Cynnara Tregarth said...

Happy Birthday! To me, a birthday isn't complete without chocolate, a great new book-- usually an urban fantasy of some kind and going out to eat or my male fixing me a meal-- preferably with a lack of clothing. :D Yes....I can't help what I am. LOL

cynthia said...

Happy Birthday, Dawn! <3