Monday, February 25, 2013

Fate, and other demons.

Life can be harsh.
Trust me, I know.
First I yanked a book from my publisher.
Next "Stuff" went down at work, proving once more that you can't trust anyone.
My horse ganked my jaw and I ended up with a cracked root on a tooth.
Both my better half and me wrecked our cars -- on the same day.
Work got worse instead of settling down.
My muse abandoned me and went on vacation.
And we're not even a full two months in.
It really hasn't been a good start to the year so far.
Fate has it in for me, the little bitch.
But you know what they say about Karma...what goes around, comes around.

I'm determined not to let it get to me.
Life is too short -- but it does give you a battering sometimes.

What can you do?
Well...I figure I'll drive that wrecked car until it falls apart, while saving for another one. It's not ideal, but it's doable. I can teach my horse (maybe) that his noggin and my noggin never shall meet. I can find other work. And I can cut my muse's vacation short and order her back. (Yeah, that'll work...)
But seriously, I know I'm not producing great stuff right now. And that's okay.
If you're in that boat, let yourself off the hook. We all have times where everything gets to us, where nothing works, when we question ourselves "Is it worth it?"
Yes, it is.
Just maybe not right now.
It doesn't matter what it is you're doing. If it's writing, well...what's the worst that can happen? You ditch what you did and start over. Change the plot, the characters, the location...whatever works.
If it's knitting...fine. Unravel that pullover and start over. Use a different pattern maybe.
House training your dog? I guess you'll have to invest in newspapers, treats and a lot of patience.
Honestly, it doesn't matter.
There really is no point in beating yourself up. All you can do is keep a level head and tell yourself "This too shall pass." even if it seems hopeless. It never is.
After all -- think of the trials and tribulations our heroes and heroines go through. We root for them because they carry on with dogged determination. We should take a leaf out of that book and apply it to our own lives, because nothing is ever easy.
If life were easy, we wouldn't appreciate the good times.
So keep a stiff upper lip, and soldier through the curves life throws you.


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