Friday, February 15, 2013

Cover Reveal... BURNING SAGE, Deena Remiel

I'm so excited about my latest endeavor with Decadent Publishing. A new line of short stories called, TEASE, is opening shortly, and I am one of the authors with a series ready to roll. I love writing paranormal romance, so my series for this line will be in that genre. The series is called, Love Among The Ruins, and Burning Sage is its first short story.

The concept for this series is all about romances that blossom in mythical, mystical, and mysterious places. Burning Sage's setting is the stunning island of Santorini. It is theorized that Atlantis lies beneath this volcanic island paradise. So, you all know what that means, right? This romance will be steamy!



Stacey Brutger said...

Beautiful cover! Congrats!!

Deena said...

Thanks so much, Stacey! I'm so excited about this series. :)

Unknown said...

Ooo, steamy!! Yes!! Gorgeous cover! Congrats! :D