Sunday, February 24, 2013

Following Your Dreams

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We love heroes who will do anything for the woman he loves. He'll fight to the ends of the Earth (or beyond) to have a chance at happiness. Why is that?

A precious dream for a hope of a future in which they can be together is more powerful than the fears and acceptance keeping him in bondage (emotional or otherwise).

I love a hero that will go the distance as much as I love a heroine who will take the plunge and trust in her heart. Everything is on the line...

Tell me some of your most memorable characters in a book or movie. Who made your heart flip with their raw declarations of love...their willingness to let go of everything in order to save the one they love...

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cynthia said...

There are sooo many, but I'd say Vishous and Rhage in JR Ward's BDB series stand out for me most in that aspect. Both were willing to sacrifice everything to save the women they loved :)