Saturday, February 9, 2013

Magic of the Moment: Grab Bag

I did a radio show last month with Kristy Bock called The Literary Goddess and one of my readers asked what series was my favorite? For those who don't know me, I have seven different series available currently. Among my series are a paranormal menage, military romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, superhero romance, and a paranormal historical western romance. So which is my favorite?

The one I am working on currently is always my favorite because I love these characters so much. I embrace the magic of the moment. So let's reach into that grab bag...


Black hair, so dark it was blue filled his scope. The sweep of it kissed Aurora Graystone's cheeks, emphasizing the pixie nature of her bone structure and the fine porcelain of her skin. He knew the lashes fringing her eyes were the same dark, luscious color. More startling than her hair or skin were her eyes, so deeply violet they swept his soul like an unheard sigh.

Chance Monroe Adventures

The earth crumbled, falling on my face. I closed my mouth to avoid swallowing any. Blinded, I scrambled against the sides. Dirt rapidly filled the hole, blotting out the sun.

Fevered Hearts

Micah slapped the fly buzzing at his neck and stared at his father. "Pa, even a week from now would be better than tomorrow."

"A week from now, Kid might be up to the ride and I still wouldn't send him." Jebidiah Kane did not like to be denied. His mind made up, he delivered the orders with all the diplomacy of a mallet. "I want the schoolteacher escorted safely and not seduced. We're almost done with the building and Miss Annabeth says she spruced up the cottage nice." Clapping Micah on the shoulder, he nodded to the filly aout to rear up at the end of the line. "You gave her too much rope."

Forbidden Legacy

"Peppermint mocha, just the way you like it." Billy pressed the ho cup of coffee into Cassie's grateful hands. For three years, Billy worked as her executive assistant. Cassie hired him the day he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's in communication. 

Hers of butterflies stampeded in her stomach. Her attention focused on the most important event of her career being set up in Chicago's Grant Park. Cameramen were getting position, and light meters were tested. The podum stood forlorn in the sea of cables, cameramen and reporters.

The Fortunate Buddha

The rope would hold. Her timing ran perfectly even under the clock for the bag, tag and replace. High above, the Ambassador's guests celebrated the New Year's Eve ball. The music of the orchestra penetrated the reinforced shaft walls. Hovering five feet above the pressure sensitive floor of the Ambassador's private vault, Anya Swift - recovery agent extraordinaire - flipped on the rope, tightening her abdominals, so she hung upwards rather than upside down.

Coming Soon - Soulgirls

Discover Into the Spotlight

Just Released - Always a Marine

Discover A Marine and a Gentleman

It has been a real pleasure to work on so many different series and I love them all--because at their core, every one of these books is about a group of characters that I adore. Next month, I'll be doing a "walk through" of the Arcana Royale on March 9 to celebrate the release of Into the Spotlight!  In the meanwhile, embrace the magic in the moment--what characters would you like to know more about?

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