Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plots and Bunnies and Books, oh my!

After a long while, I'm coming to the end of writing a serial. I only have the edits on the last book to go and my brain is already itching to discover what's next.

And the next thing seems to want to be a series.

One look at my back list and it's blindingly obvious that I'm not a series writer. Not even a little bit. But as I grow as a writer, able to write longer works, I'm learning how to push my own limitations.

Dyslexia makes my brain simply go *pffft* at anything approaching analysis, ie breaking a story into its constituent parts or building one up from little blocks. I can't 'see' grammar or explain it. But I can feel it. I have to approach a story by instinct. I often let my fingers do the typing, or my pen the nasty-ass scrawling--my handwriting is atrocious!--and it surprises me what comes out.

And what that means for a series is writing it all out at once. Crazy, I know. But I think this is what I need. I'm trying it after writing my Agamemnon Frost serial. Luckily I had two synopses to work from so the final books made sense. But they took an age to write. I think being able to build up all three new books at the same time will quicken the writing process. Maybe. Perhaps...

Wish me luck ;-)

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