Sunday, November 3, 2013

Love Those Reader-Writer Events! Some Lesser Known Conferences

From V. S. Nelson:

Every year RWA and other writer organizations put on writer conferences around the world. I’d like to take a minute of your time to highlight a few of my favorites. There are several blog posts on the “majors”, my name for the biggest conferences put on each year. RWA Nationals and RT (Romantic Times) fall into this category, so I will save our time together and mention a few of my favorites you may not know about.

One of my favorites is not a writer’s event at all; it’s a reader’s event held in the Southwest each year. ArizonaDreamin’ is where readers can get to meet and spend time with twenty or so of their favorite authors over the course of a weekend. A small event compared to the majors, but far more cozy and personal than anything you have previously attended. Last year they added an additional day set aside for the “want to be writer” entitled Buildin’ the Dream. The 2014 event key note speaker is Diana Gabaldon. I’ll also be in attendance and presenting a workshop on Sprinting, the key to finishing that manuscript in record time. One of my favorite events during this fun filled weekend is the Man of our Dreams competition.  The tall hunk in the center of the photo is James Magnussen, who won last year’s competition. His dream of becoming the next male cover model is already a reality as he is gracing the covers of several of this year’s upcoming best sellers.

I recently returned from Vegas where I attended the first annual RNC conference sponsored and put on by none other than the world’s most publicized cover model, Jimmy Thomas, who has graced over five thousand book covers. RNC promises to become RT’s rival if the next few years are as great as the first! Five full days are packed full of workshops, costume balls, photo shoots, parties, a book fair and more. RNC will keep you entertained and send you home rejoicing in your memories. In addition,  InD’tale Magazine hosts their annual RONE Awards at this event.  You never know what you are going to find (or experience) at this event.

The evening of August 8th this past year while attending RNC, I found myself being escorted down the isle by Bat Girl and a handsome military man only to get married. No kidding, Jimmy found out my lifemate and I were planning on sneaking off and doing what people do in Vegas and turned our little wedding into an event none of us will ever forget. Surprise, Jimmy Thomas, cover model extraordinaire, conducted the wedding in a loin cloth. In case you didn’t know, Jimmy is also a licensed minister in two states. Who knows what surprises Jimmy has in store for next year? Guess I’ll have to return to find out.

 Attending your first writer’s conference can be rather intimating, even for the experienced social bug. The idea of being in the same room with some of the world’s best selling authors, editors and agents can be over-whelming. As I previously mentioned, RWA chapters across the states put on some fantastic conferences throughout the year. Choosing just one or two to write about is never easy, so I decided to discuss the first one I went to, which I might add, has been described by the NY agents as fun and relaxing. Held bi-annually in Arizona,  Desert Dreams proves to be a champion for the first time attendee.  There is something about the old west that makes people relax, forget all the formalities and concentrate on having a good old’ time and Desert Dreams does exactly that. You will even find the NY agents and editors relaxed and dressed in jeans while accepting pitches from new and experienced authors alike. Sylvia Day, Jennifer Ashley, Christie Craig along with many more authors will be in attendance. Pitches will be taken by representatives from Random House, the Laura Bradford Agency, and many more agents and publishers.  To read more about this event and who will be in attendance, please go HERE.

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Rebecca Royce said...

Great list. I also like the Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio. A small conference where you really get to interact with everyone.

Susan W. said...

Are any of these open to readers? These look like they could be fun but they look like they are just for authors. I'm looking for a summer convention that I could attend as my vacation but the only one I really know of is RT and the date's not good for me. Thanks for any info you can give me.