Friday, November 8, 2013

Paranormal on the Small Screen

The paranormal and urban fantasy genres just got a fresh boost in the mainstream this season with the introduction of two new television shows: Dracula and Sleepy Hollow. Poor Dianne hardly has five minutes to sit down but Anah has been watching Sleepy Hollow with great enthusiasm. Great enthusiasm includes squealing, yelling, tweeting, messaging friends, reblogging gifsets on Tumblr, and—of course—keeping track of the amazing Orlando Jones who plays the dashing but skeptical Frank Irving. 

Sleepy Hollow is genuinely a delight in so many ways. Not only does it have a lovely cast and great production values, but it’s a classic example of the paranormal in the tradition of shows like Buffy and Angel. A sprawling epic anchored in the Book of Revelation, Sleepy Hollow promises seven years of tribulation to be visited upon two Witnesses, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane. 

Unlike other shows in the genre, such as Supernatural and Charmed, the main character (so far) has no particular powers of her own and she hasn’t had but a vague suspicion that all is not as it might seem until all Hell breaks loose—literally. Abbie is like most of us, a woman trying to do her job and doing it well until she is thrown into a situation far beyond her understand and forced to adapt. She reads like the heroine of many a successful paranormal or urban fantasy romance. 

And as for romance, Sleepy Hollow is bursting at the seams with it. It is a veritable fount of inspiration when it comes to romantic matters. It is full of parted lovers, the smouldering embers of old loves not yet extinguished, and friends whose every interaction crackles with the potential for passion. We expect that Sleepy Hollow will spark a fresh round of interest in romantic novels in the genre, interest from writers and from readers.

Are you watching any of the shows in our genre this season? Are you inspired?

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Marlene Relja said...

Hi! I totally agree. Sleepy Hollow is fabulous. The plot and characters are rife with potential in every aspect. And their developing relationship is so much fun to watch. I have no idea if Abbie and Ichabod will ever really work as a couple, but that's part of what makes this show so interesting; Their growing emotional connection as friends is very well done. It'll be interesting to watch them develop through the seasons.

The new shows this season are some of the best and most intriguing of any opening season ever, in my opinion.
Dracula is not disappointing me, even though I was skeptical. It has a very grown up feel.

The Tomorrow People is interesting because it's science fiction (and those don't usually last too long). So far, it's not too bad but I think they need to up the character development and relations.

But my favorite new show, which is more fantasy than paranormal, is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It's such a quirky, imaginative and entertaining show with so much sweet and emotional romance that it makes my heart happy. I don't think I've ever been this enamored with a budding TV series. Have you seen it?