Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hey there hi there ho there!

As some of you may know, I'm a guest every year at the oldest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the world, Philcon. It's held in Cherry Hill, a suburb just across the Delaware river from Philadelphia.

This year, I actually had another set of duties on top of my panel appearances. After three years of working toward it, the Woodrow Wilson High School Anime and Science Fiction Club finally got approved and funded to go to the convention. Nine students, two alumni chaperones, and two faculty chaperones, all led to the con by yours truly.

On the con-guest side, I sat in on some fabulous panels, including the one where I wound up as the mod and only panelist; an adults-only panel about Art, Erotica and Pornography. The audience didn't lynch me, so I'll consider it a success.

Saturday I unveiled my first costume / cosplay which *wasn't* put together by Steph Burke. I know I've got a pic or two around here somewhere...

So... hopefully you guys can guess who I was cosplaying. That's a hint, by the way.

At any rate, on the chaperone side, my kids did me proud. Not only were they instrumental in being a go-to support group for a young lady who was being harassed, they comported them selves so well they were not only invited to a con later in the year, and invited back to Philcon next year, but the program director actually invited a couple of the more erudite ones to come back and speak on panels.

Hope for the future, this is!

Overall, a really fun three days. Unfortunately, I got the con-crud in spades, and I'm still not over it ten days later. Hence the lateness of this post.


So... were any of you at PhilCon, or any other cons recently? Share!

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Veronica Scott said...

Fun to read about the con and please feel better quick!