Saturday, November 23, 2013

So long but not necessarily goodbye...

My fourth book in the "Blood of the Pride" series, "Battle Scars", released last month, both in audio and ebook form. While I think it's a heck of a good read (obviously) it's unfortunately going to be the last in the Felis series for the present.

And I'm okay with that.

One of the things that I've experienced over the years is falling in love with a series and watching it become less and less entertaining, at least to me as a reader. Sometimes the story's been told and it's time to move on. The characters have evolved and grown from the first book but like in real life there comes a time to shake hands and walk away, relishing a good friendship and remembering the best of the best.

When I wrote "Blood of the Pride" it was a NaNoWriMo project, fifty thousand words in thirty days. I finished it and edited the heck out of it. The first incarnation with a small publisher didn't go so well with the publisher deciding to stop putting out paranormal romances about the same time it came out. Needless to say the sales weren't much and when I asked for the rights back a year later we parted on amicable terms.

I polished it again and submitted it to Carina Press and for some strange reason got that golden phone call from Angela James, offering me a contract. It was retitled, re-edited and released as both an audio book and in ebook form. Later on "Blood of the Pride" would be picked up by the Harlequin Direct-to-Consumer program and placed into print for special subscribers.

I jumped at the chance to continue the adventures of Rebecca and Brandon in further books with "Claws Bared", "Family Pride" and now this latest release, "Battle Scars". All went to audio and all have been accepted into the DTC program, meaning that for the next few months they will be available from the Harlequin website for those wanting to get their Felis fix in print form.

But it's time to move on and I'm okay with that. I've got a new series starting in May 2014 with Carina - "In The Black", book 1 of Tales of the Bonnie Belle and a second book coming in October 2014. One door closes, another opens.

Not that I've given up on Reb and Bran - not by a long shot. But for the time being I'm happy to think of them snuggling on the couch with Jazz happily purring away in a rare moment of peace and quiet.

For those of you who have enjoyed my cat shifter adventures I thank you for your time and support. I hope some of you will come on over to check out "In The Black" which is best described as "Firefly" meets "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". I'll be tweeting updates under the hashtag #InTheBlack and #TalesoftheBonnieBelle as we head towards the book release.

Again, my thanks - and hope to see you all back here soon for more great readings!

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