Saturday, June 14, 2014

A different view of summer

The semi-official theme on the blog for this month is Midsummer. There have been some lovely posts extolling the virtues of summer and it's warm weather and endless sunshine.

This will not be one of them, LOL.

Spring and summer makes me sick, literally. I have a terrible time with allergies. The high temperatures are physically draining. High humidity gives me painful headaches. Being outside feels like being smothered in a hot, damp, insect-infested blanket of horribleness. I venture out when I'm forced but as much as I can get away with it, this is the time of year that I hibernate indoors with the AC on. Counting down the days to autumn, pining for falling leaves, cool winds, and long nights. I take solace in the fact that from Midsummer on out, the nights will slowly - very slowly - grow just a little bit longer as we make our way toward my favorite time of year.

Since I can't live year-round in what Ray Bradbury called "October country," I'll do my best to fight the heat with fiction. The story I'm planning to write next takes place in the chill of February. I can't wait to get started!

I'm glad for those who enjoy this season, but it's not for me. Anyone else feel the same?

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