Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kicking off the Summer with excitement!

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Every year I look forward to one month: June. June is not only the first month of summer but it also happens to be my birthday month. J. But this year is special for another reason: the blessings of sporting events that happened in June. Let’s start with the Stanley Cup Final between the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers. Watching the Stanley Cup last year inspired me to write my first ever hockey book Thawing Ava. The nail biting excitement of the game and the cute players helped overcome any confusion on the rules of the game or the actions on the ice. This year, I understand things a bit better. I can spot a foul and I understand the ways a player can be sent to the box. Seeing helps connect it with the definition.

I may have missed the playoffs but I managed to record every single game of the Final, watched each one and let me tell you, it was worth it! Both teams gave it their all but the Kings edged out the Rangers with 4 wins.  Watching each game was an exercise in excitement, on the edge of your seat action. Anything could happen at any moment and both teams managed to keep you glued to the screen waiting to see who would score next. I loved it and hope next year I can catch all the playoffs. I’m also hoping my Jersey Devils make it next year. *crosses fingers*

Buy At: Amaz, BN, ARe, Kobo
And then there’s the World Cup. There’s a lot of controversy about this event, the way Brazil handled things, where the stadiums were built, the cost and the fall out to the citizens. I won’t go into those but you check out all the hubbub on the web. This is my third time watching the World Cup and it still fascinates and surprises me.  Also, this sporting event served to help me fall in love with the sport of futbol aka soccer to us Americans. It also inspired me to write my first Bachelor Auction book which gives readers a paranormal look at how the Beautiful Game can be played by shifters and creatures of fantasy.

This World Cup has yet to truly bore me. The shock of the Netherlands win over Spain (last WC’s winners), the USA men’s team pulling out a win against Ghana (who sent them out of the tournament the last time they met), etc. I could go on and on over the surprises. This year seems to be a topsy-turvy one which gives me hope for my picks.

All this and my birthday! Summer is heating up in all the right ways, well except for the constant rain and humidity here but I’ll take the cooler days and rain over sweltering, unrelenting heat and 90 degree and above temps.

So I have a contest for you. You tell me what you’re looking forward to most about this summer and I’ll give one commenter a copy of both Mate Not Wanted and Thawing Ava and an ARC of my Upcoming Book Dead Man’s Hands from Etopia Press. Ready. Set. GO!

Here's an unedited snippet of my upcoming book, Dead Man's Hands:

He cleared his throat and she turned her attention back to him. He still had that smirk on his lips. Her palm prickled with the urge to smack him and make him stop. At least her magic hadn't been activated.
"What?" She had to ask or she'd go crazy with wanting to know.
He shrugged. "Nothing."
She gritted her teeth. "What?"
He picked up the cards and held them up. "Rules are simple. You win a round I answer whatever question you ask, I win you answer me. Deal?"
"That's why I'm here." She managed to get out without growling.
He raised an eyebrow. "To play poker and enjoy the pleasure of my company?"
"For answers, asshole." The last bit came out without being checked and she swore at showing how badly he'd rattled her control with just a smile.


J Hali Steele said...

Happy Birthday!

Jana B said...

I'm looking forward to a Vegas weekend that's coming up!

Selena Illyria said...

Thank You!
The winner is Jana B!