Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gearing up for Fall

Like a new year, seasons often bring on new beginnings.
We've all heard the term, Spring Housecleaning... yeah right, not used in this household. I'd much rather look at Springtime as romantically inspired. Really, its everywhere--just checkout the birds and the wedding registers.

Summer is the time for vacations while kids are free to roam the streets. Personally, I'd like to head off for some remote beach that's a bit cooler than my normal Phoenix weather... 120 is just too dang hot for anyone. Thank the Powers that Be, someone created air conditioning.

One of my favorite times of the year is the fall. A few scattered showers lowers the temperatures and drives me outside. Yea, I can start walking again. With this season I also gear up for my favorite holiday - Halloween to some, Samhain to others. Its time to decorate and get ready for ghosties and goblins, witches and things that go bump in the night. I know this paranormal author is more than ready to start digging out my favorite boxes locked away in storage and making a mess of my yard and house. Sadly, I'll be missing the usual trick or treaters since I moved into an adult community but I'm sure I'll find plenty of little ones down at the haunted houses or on the block next over. In the mean time I'll decorate, bake, have a glass of wine or two and sit by the fireplace waiting for all the paranormal inspiration to take over...

After I retried and before I started writing again I set up my own little shop--creating costumes for re-enactors, the renaissance and theatrical groups. Never in my life did I expect to be creating Halloween costumes for more than just myself, but ya' know one never knows what lies around the corner in this day and age. Opened less than a year I got a call and ended up making a group of costumes for the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party. I'd be happy to share those costumes with the readers of this blog, but I think I'd get kicked out of the group if I did since most of them compose of things that shouldn't be seen outside of the bedroom.  But I'll give you a brief description... first on the list was an anatomically correct bull suit for one hunky male accompanied by his girlfriend, the topless with pasties matador. And yes ladies that bull had it all hanging. <grin>
Second set was the traditional sea-shelled pastie  wearing mermaid and her date Aquaman. Not quite as revealing as the first couple but just as cute.  What I can post here is a picture of where Aquaman and his lovely mermaid hung out--the indoor water area.

So, you see, no matter where you are or what you're doing - Fall brings us new adventures, cooler weather and lots time to think about that next novel we are going to write or read. So lite the fire place, pour yourself a glass a wine, find a book to read because nothing says relax and have fun like Autumn. at least to this author.

Enjoy, Always, V and her gang of paranormal characters.

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Veronica Scott said...

Your Blog Admin thanks you for just giving us the mental pictures of those costumes! Wow! You always surprise us with something new, VS, LOL.