Friday, November 25, 2016

Living In a Traditional World (and a SALE!)

by Nancy Gideon

In keeping with tradition - that of Black Friday without having to fight the crowds! - two of my "By Moonlight" and the first of my "House of Terriot" books are discounted by 25% for today only at All Romance E-Books! Sink your teeth into REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT and UNLEASHED BY SHADOWS, which are the cross-over books between the two series that combine the worlds and the characters, and take a bite out of the brand new "House of Terriot" with PRINCE OF HONOR, Book 1.


All Romance eBooks

Two of our biggest traditions in the U.S. are Thanksgiving and Black Friday. By steeping your paranormal story/series in its own customs is one of the best ways to make it unique and other-worldly, as other members of PNR have been discussing this month.

In my "By Moonlight" shape-shifter series, I wanted to establish a separateness from the norm for my characters who live under the radar in New Orleans, Lake Tahoe, and Memphis. Though they pass for human and many work regular jobs, on the police force, tending bar, and in clinics, when they get together to "howl," the differences shine through. The speed and power in their movements, the fiery gleam in their eyes, the ability to go all "fang and fur" when provoked. They recognize one another by a scent "signature" and from the "glimmer" of sensations they project. They release the spirits of their dead through fire ceremonies and claim their exclusive mates by bonding that allows the pair special intuitive powers. Even amongst themselves, different clans follow different ways, some ultra-modern, some feudal, and some a melting pot of tarnished beliefs held onto from ancient times. Some even follow human customs such as marriage. Picking the right alliance or the right fight is all that keeps the tentative balance of power between them.

The Terriot clan is ruled by a mad king with his twelve princely sons fighting for his crown through bonding, treachery, and even magic. In my new "House of Terriot" four book spin-off series, their king has been overthrown and the head of their new leader isn't resting easy as he and his brothers try to negotiate a truce with other clans to defend against a greater force in the North while maintaining the balance on their own isolated mountaintop. The four princes featured in the H.o.T. series have found love in unacceptable places - with a traitor, within a rival clan heir, with a female of mystery, and with one of tremendous hidden potential, all who challenge the expected ways of their family, breaking down those traditional barriers. And that's half the fun!

I'm recovering from yesterday's turkey dinner (and hiding from shopping!) over the first edit of PRINCE OF POWER, Book 2 in the "House of Terriot" series, to make room for holiday dinner #2 tomorrow with more of the family. Traditions - gotta love 'em - especially the tasty ones! Hope yours have been wonderful!


Diane Burton said...

A great sale! Love this new series. Enjoy your second Thanksgiving. We're still in turkey coma. LOL No Black Friday shopping for me. I'm waiting for Monday.

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, Di!! I did my shopping online!!

CJ Burright said...

Ooh, I love the idea of the mad king and the princes fighting for the crown. Reminds me of Stardust. :)