Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thanksgiving and drugs

Odd title and, no, I'm not going to talk about tryptophan.

November, the month for Thanksgiving and, though I have Lupus and despise the drug I must take to keep tremors as well as stress at bay because it dulls every other sense - I have much to be thankful for! When I write I go off my medication to the consternation of many as I grow shaky, anxious, forgetful as hell, and my vocabulary exists of one or two phrases mostly starting with F... you and many variations thereof. Therefore, I’d like to skip forward. Every new year is heralded with singing Auld Lang Syne which can mean “old long since” or “times gone by” – whatever your translation, something undoubtedly will start anew.

I’m looking ahead to January, the return of seven stories, and I need to plan on how to get them back out there. First off, I have begun reading them with a fresh eye and will probably do minor rewrites. Do I keep their original covers (which I liked) or change them? That’s a huge expense that I hadn’t planned for! And then there is pricing?! Perhaps another publisher would be interested and that would be so much easier? Self-publishing is NOT easy; it takes dedication and lots of hard work. Where to start...

Don’t go dashing off yet to look for this title which currently has two books of the series completed, one in the works, and more in my head. Just loved this Les Byerley cover. It should be on his website too, damn it! ( LOVED it!

I’m considering Kindle Unlimited. I’ve noticed many of my book sales have died off in their current markets. It doesn’t help I’m not good at promotion on my own: I hate promo! I’d just like to write, but see above about meds and dulled senses. So, I’m asking myself if there would be new life, maybe a new throng of readers who haven’t found my stories at traditional ebook publishers? Of course, I know I have to promote. *Sigh*

Readers, writers – do you KU?

Growl and roar – it’s okay to let the beast out. J. Hali Steele


Nancy Gideon said...

Oh, do I feel your pain! Mine's arthritis and a back list growling to be redone. I have to scratch and claw for the time to write my new stuff, let alone figure in slots to work on bringing the old back to life. Promo takes up HALF my writing time! And then you never know if it's going to reach anyone. But it won't extend beyond your keyboard if you don't do anything. I tried to add some new promo avenues in with each venture just to see if they catch the eye of any new readers. That cover certainly would!! Yowsa!

Diane Burton said...

Wow! That cover!!! (I love that I can use multiple exclamation points here--esp. since I can't use them in my stories.) Sounds like you have a very full plate with your backlist plus new stories in your series. Add to that chronic illness and meds that dull the senses. Most people would give up. I admire your perseverance. You are right about self-publishing. It is hard work. And promotion is even harder. Good luck!

CJ Burright said...

I love your thankful attitude! I'm with you on the promo *shudder*.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Promo, the bane of every writer's existence. A necessary evil, unfortunately. I am impressed with your perseverance and determination. It will serve you well.