Monday, June 5, 2017

The New Old

I've spoken here before about receiving rights back to quite a few of my stories.  Today I'm going to talk about the Archangels in Love book 1, Hope in Love. What with my hand issues and resulting surgery, there's been a delay in getting Hope in Love and Repent in Love, book 2, back up for sale. This week, Hope in Love will be returning and Book 3, Death in Love, is in the works for release this year.

I like the new cover a lot and I'm sharing a favorite scene from the book -

Ram arrived below and saw a man who stood on the wall of a rooftop with the business end of a revolver in his mouth. Shit! He began his mantra without much feeling. “You are a child of the Lord and your life is important to our Father.” Beings he assisted heard his voice deep in their subconscious mind. He infused his words with hope and fulfillment in life. It lifted their hearts. Most never saw him. Those who’d reached this point sometimes did see him but thought he was a figment of their warped imagination. They were harder to deal with.

The man’s head turned toward his voice. “Fuck off, whoever you are, I want to die.”

Okay, guess he sees me. Ram had had enough bullshit today. “Then finish it already. I could be buried deep in my woman. Instead your creepy ass pulled me here. Look, you got no hope and I have none for your sorry ass. I’m fresh out of hope. So, do us both a favor so I can get back to my bed.” The man squinted in an attempt to clear his vision. Leaning closer, Ram yelled, “Fucking jump already, or pull the trigger.”

Ram never saw it coming.

The bolt of lightning slammed into his body, dead center of his chest. It sizzled loudly as it flowed through him. He flew off the wall, careened through the air and hit the sidewalk ten stories below with a thud, breath knocked out of him. He watched feathers float around above him, some carried away on the breeze.

Bones were broken and fractured throughout his body. So many he didn’t want to count. Some protruded hideously through ripped and torn flesh. The walkway flooded with his blood. He hurt like hell. “Fuck me,” he croaked, blood dribbling across his cheek. He looked up and saw the guy with the gun now stood behind the wall and looked over at him. His mouth hung open in shock. Ram whispered in agony, “Guess there’s nothing like show and tell, huh, buddy?”

As soon as you can get up, I want to see you. Michael used his angel-of-death voice.

Really pissed you off this time.

Don’t push it, Ramiel.

You could help me up.

You must be kidding, right?

Okay then. I’ll be a while getting myself… back together.

I got all the time in the world.

Ram grumbled out loud, “God damn it to he—”

Go ahead. Say it. You know how I feel about taking our Father’s name in vain mixed with hell. You are working my last nerve. Get your ass up, NOW!

The now came accompanied by lightning which rode a boom of thunder across the sky. Ram knew he was bested.

When Michael cursed, things were really bad.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele


Sheena-kay Graham said...

All this supernatural drama. Nice!

Diane Burton said...

Wow! What a scene. Best wishes on the re-release of this series. Hope your hand heals quickly.

CJ Burright said...

Nice cover! And congrats on the re-release, woot! :)