Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Results!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did yesterday!  Here are the contest results. I will exchange e-mail address between winners and givers at some point tonight.

Crista Paige's contest- 1st place winner  Mindy - Jewel case with novella and gift basket.
                                   2nd place winner Kris - download of novella Bound by Deception

Annie's contest- RK Charron PR t-shirt

Judi's contest- Joann Hali mermaid charms

TJ's contest- Carol L. a download of one of TJ's back list.

Adrianne's contest- Anna Shah Hoque  a choice between Memory on Record or Longest Night.

Sandra Marshall's contest- Mitz a mystery prize

Cornelia's contest- April Ash and Stephanie Julian  a copy of a Fine Cauldron of Fish

Stephanie's contest- Debby  a copy of Kiss of Moonlight

Dariel's contest- Judy a gift certificate from Black Classics books and gifts

Ari's contest- Susan Hanniford Crowley a copy of Death by Sex

Inez's contest- Jaxxy a copy of Myla by Moonlight

Crista McHugh's contest- Virginia C gets a copy of Cat's Eye
                                        Sandra Sookoo a copy of Raven

Thanks again for coming to both authors and readers.


Virginia C said...

Thank you! I had so much fun : )

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Kris said...

Awesome! Thanks for the fun blog activities yesterday! I had a blast come check every hour!


Judi Fennell said...

congrats to the winners and thanks to Annie for hosting us and everyone else for stopping by!

Judy said...

Really enjoyed the blogging!! Thanks for the great prizes. Congrats to all the other winners!!!

s7anna said...

Congrats to all the other winners!!!

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Mindy said...

Thanks for the great blogging day!
Are there any other Mindy's that blogged (Thinking I WON?!!?)
Congrats to all the winners:)

Mindy G.

Annie Nicholas said...

Your the only Mindy.congrats on the win!