Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you Lost!

As the final episode of Lost approaches, I would like to thank the writers, producers, and actors of that show for making my life better by making that show.

I can remember that day vividly. I suggested to my DH (thats Dear Husband for those of you not up on the Twitter/Facebook jargon) that we watch this new show that was starting. I'd heard about it, thought it looked kind of cool, and besides, I'd heard that Matthew Fox was going to be on it and I'd really, really liked him on Party of Five.

We sat down. He was skeptical but humoring me. We were both blown away. Watching Lost became something we never missed, something we always did together!

The second season was less spectacular than the first but we stuck it out and were rewarded with Season 3.

So now, as we get to the end, I find myself sad. I will miss the 'Dang' that sounds when they go to commercial, I will miss the speculation about 'Good Locke' versus 'Bad Locke' and the Smoke Monster. I will miss Matthew Fox.

Thank you Lost for so much entertainment. You will live on in my DVD collection.

Best to all of you,



Sandra Sookoo said...

I know hubby agrees with you but as for me, I find it 12 kinds of frustrating. It's almost like when the writers write themselves into a plot corner, they introduce a new group of people or new "issue" figuring the viewer won't notice LOL But enjoy the last episodes! :-)

Rebecca Royce said...

I know it's not your cup of tea. LOL. It's been my obsession!

Annie Nicholas said...

I love Lost as well.

I learned the art of cliffhanger chapter ends from them. Keep them wanting more.

Book of Secrets said...

My brother-in-law started out on LOST with a small guest roll and ended up a big player (Michael Emerson aka Ben Linus). He did an amazing job! We're very proud of him. I can't believe the show is almost over. I didn't start watching it until Michael got the part, so I need to go back and watch Season One at some point!

Linda Andrews said...

I loved the characterization they did and am glad to see they're back to the original storytelling as the show wraps up.

Stacey Kennedy said...

I have a love hate relationship with this show. I hate it cause it annoys me that I never know what the hell is going on. But I can't stop watching the damn thing cause I need to know what it's about???

Let me just say, it better have some conclusion or I'm getting my pen ready to write some nasty letters. :)

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

I loved the original idea, the split backstories and the characterization. I admit it kinda 'lost' me along the way, with Desmond and the switch/button that needs to be monitored. But on the whole I liked that show.
And yes too, Matthew Fox! :) And Sawyer! Just for those two men I'd thank Lost

Rebecca Royce said...

Diana, we are all blown away by your brother-in-law. He gives an amazing performance every time he's on the screen.

I don't know about the rest of you but I was so sad last night that it was the last time I would watch during the week. Sniff-Sniff.

I have house guests, my husbands family is visiting, and we made them watch with us even though they don't watch the show.

Thats my love for it.