Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday Night Science Fiction

Wow. Just as the major TV stations go into summer reruns, the Syfy channel takes over Friday night.

First up, “Defiance” is back for the third season. The two hour season premiere brought more violence and another set of aliens in and around post-apocalypse St. Louis, named Defiance. Since my mom was from St. Louis and I still have family there, I started watching two years ago. I liked the premise of an older human man protecting a young alien girl in a wild-west type town. Then things got weird last season with a “demon child” inhabiting the young girl and getting her to murder a whole lot of people. Even though the demon is gone, people in Defiance don’t much care for the girl. Imagine that. As it says on, new villains, new aliens, new threats.

Next is “Dark Matter.” Get set for an adventure with six people (2 women, 4 men) who woke up from stasis on a starship with no memory of who they are or their mission. As if that wasn’t enough, when they explore the ship, they’re attacked by an android who then figured out their destination. The characters name themselves after the order in which they awoke. If you’ve read any of my books, you know I love adventure, especially with some humor. Character Five (Anthony Lemke, Whitehouse Down) brings comic relief to intense situations. The creators of this new series created all the Stargate series, so this ought to be good. Questions abound. What happens when they find out who they are? Are they the good guys or bad?

Next Friday, another new series starts. “Killjoys” is an adventure show about a trio of intergalactic bounty hunters. None of them sounds like Stephanie Plum. LOL One of the characters is played by Aaron Ashmore who played Jinks on “Warehouse 13” (one of my favorite series) and appeared in “Murdock Mysteries” (another favorite). Luke Mcfarlane (from “Brothers and Sisters”) and Hannah John-Kamen round out the cast. From the cast descriptions, this sounds like it will be a fun adventure.

It looks like Syfy is on a roll. My DVR is set so I don’t miss any of these shows.

What shows will you watch this summer?

Diane Burton writes romantic suspense combined with action/adventure, either here on Earth or in space. Her newest book THE PROTECTOR, an Outer Rim novel, will be released this summer.


Nancy Gideon said...

Dark Matter really caught my eye. Have it recorded. They've got some good stuff going on. Can't wait for your new Outer Rim adventure!!

Unknown said...

I couldn't stop screaming at TV during Defiance. I'm still in shock. Dark Matter rocked 87 ways from Sunday. I can't flippin' wait for next week.

Diane Burton said...

Nancy, I think you'll enjoy it. Soon on the Outer Rim novel. Very soon.

Diane Burton said...

Lyn, I agree on Dark Matter. I was not happy with Defiance. That Sharmah is a real piece of work.