Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Give a Priceless Holiday Gift to Yourself & Others

The holiday season is upon us and generally that means there’s at least one person, if not more, that you're challenged to find the perfect gift to give.  Then there are some that you may not want to give a gift to at all. 

The holidays also often mean a time of increased stress, too many obligations, too little time, and too much overindulging, which can lead to a month of frustration. 

Perhaps this holiday it’s time to look a little closer at the magic of the season. To think beyond material gifts and give something  priceless that can benefit ourselves as well as the beneficiary. 


Priceless Gifts to Give

What gift do you give to the person who has everything, or someone that you don't even know to make their holiday a little more joyful?

More Patience- Before you get frustrated with the line you must wait in, or the crowds, remember that we’re each dealing with our own stressors every day, not just during the holidays. 

Holidays just happen to be able to bring out the worst in some people, but give the benefit of the doubt and consider that there may be underlying reasons. This could be someone's first holiday season without a loved one, or perhaps someone is ill, or family is unable to be home due to finances or deployment. Don’t add to their frustration, or your own, by losing your patience.  

A Compliment or a Smile-  Just like negativity can spark a bad mood, smiles and being pleasant can be contagious. Give someone the gift of a compliment—it may be the only kind thing they hear today. 

Forgiveness- This gift has the power to allow you to find more joy in the holiday season and all year long. 

What to Return 

ResentmentAnger & Grudges – Often the things we want the least, that hurt us the most, are the hardest to let go. Don't continue to regift these painful emotions. These feelings only hurt ourselves and can destroy relationships. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to return these so you can gain the gift of discovering peace. 


Give a Helping Hand

Write Reviews- You’re heard many times before how much authors value reviews, but it’s not just authors who benefit. We all do. Writing a review for any product benefits you, too. 

If you’re like me, you do much of your shopping online, or you at least do a little online research before you decide what to buy. Reviews for any product help make decisions on what’s a good gift, or one that wouldn’t meet your expectations. If we all take the time to review most of the products we buy, it can save us all time in choosing quality, appropriate gifts for our loved ones—and ourselves. 

Other Ways to Win a Gift for Yourself

It seems that when I start holiday shopping, that’s when I find things I want for myself, but I feel guilty because I should be buying for others. Here are a few contests that you can enter to try to win a guilt-free prize for yourself.


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Make Your Month More Merry 

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What's the Best Gift You Ever Got?

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Diane Burton said...

Great ideas for gifts. Patience has to be #1. So many stressors. People are thinking about other things and not paying attention and do stupid things. I'm working hard at giving them the benefit of the doubt. I've been shopping online since mid-Nov. So one of my stressors (gift buying) is lessened. I give my daughter & DIL gift cards to a salon and indicate babysitting goes with the card. My daughter was born 2 weeks before Christmas. That was my best "present". Happy Holidays to you & your family, Maureen.

Maureen said...

Thank you, Diane. Happy Holidays to you and your family also! Babysitting is a wonderful gift!

sorchiadubois said...

I grew up in a poor area--nobody had any money, including the school. I cant' remember which teacher started it, but she gave us a day to make a Gift book for our parents and siblings. Each page was a coupon for a deed--Wash the dishes 1 time or Take out the garbage 2 times. Whatever the recipient was bound to like. They could use the coupons anytime. I really liked that idea and all of your gifts could become a coupon. I can see how an Extra Patience coupon might come in handy if played correctly. Excellent and thoughtful post! Lily, my new grand daughter born just a month ago is my best present though not technically a Christmas present.

Maureen said...

Sorchia I remember making those gift books as a child too- such a thoughtful idea. Your new granddaughter sounds like a wonderful gift!

Marissa Garner said...

Great post. I had a terrible health scare right before Christmas nine years ago. So every Christmas that I'm still here is the best present ever! Love the graphic. Do you know if that's an ornament or a pendant or what?

danjerry said...
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Maureen said...

Marissa- I'm so glad you are past the health scare. The graphic is a picture of one of the ornaments I got for my girls a few years ago.

Alicia Dean said...

Love these gift ideas...and they cost nothing! I'm not sure which is the best gift I've gotten, I more enjoy the giving.

Maureen said...

Thanks Alicia!

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Lots of goodies for your stocking this year! Reviews...now there's a great gift, for sure!

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