Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Would you travel to the stars to meet your soulmate?


A long time ago in a land far far away, an inspiring author devoured novels in the burgeoning trope of SciFi romance. Finally, two of her favorite genres merged. But one thing about those stories bothered her. Why is it most of these books had the woman "kidnapped" or "stolen"? 

That got her thinking, what if an earth woman was given a choice? Would she take the chance to leave everything behind for the promise of true love? Of finding that one mate who would cherish her and never forsake her?

The thought inspired me to work on realizing my dream of becoming a published author. It took two years to complete the first book, and in late 2018, An Alien Exchange was released into the universe. 

Now that it's February 2021, I felt it appropriate to celebrate the month of love by dropping the normal price of  the first book in this series from $3.99 to $0.99! 

As a treat for you, dear friends, I wanted to share with you the scene where the heroine (Aimee) meets an alien (Qay) for the first time. Just before this scene, Aimee is offered the chance to leave earth to meet an alien mate. She doesn't believe the offer is real and insists they prove they are aliens. 

I'd love to hear any comments you may have... enjoy!   

Aimee smoothed her damp palms down the top of her naked thigh and sucked in a breath when he came closer. Damn. She wished she had something to cover herself. The cot didn’t have any removable blanket or sheet to use. Oh well, the T-shirt she’d worn covered the important parts. She crossed her arms over her chest as she watched the figure come closer.

Walking through the shadows, he was at least humanoid in appearance; two arms, two legs, a torso with a head between broad, muscular shoulders. Holy moly, he was tall. He had to be at least a foot taller than her average five-foot-five frame. As he got closer, she decided he didn’t walk but glided in a controlled, fluid manner like someone comfortable in his own skin. Sucked into his laser-like gaze, he reminded her of a predatory animal with prey in sight. He stopped several feet away inside the well-lit room. No longer thinking of making a run for it, she drank in his unusual features.

She stared at his booted feet and the thick black material that protected his calves and ended under his knees. His thighs…thick and firm were covered in a formfitting dark blue cloth that hugged his powerful frame.

Without pause, her eyes roamed upward. Yep…there a massive bulge sat at the apex of his thighs. If he was that big at rest, what….no, don’t go there, Aimee. She swallowed in a dry throat as her gaze skipped to a waist defined by a large black belt made of the same material as his boots. A lighter formfitting blue shirt covered his expansive chest framed by a black vest matching the boots and belt. His powerful arms crossed a thickset, muscled torso.

Star struck, she gawked at him with her mouth open. Any preconceived notion she had about masculine beauty changed. His overt, exceptional maleness matched the images she’s conjured while reading her sci-fi romances.

His skin was a light russet brown nestled by a pearlescent sheen. Hair black as midnight layered with strands of cobalt blue reflected when he moved. A subtle widow’s peak crowned a smooth, wide forehead. A tiny intricate braid at his right temple ended in a long curl at the front of his crotch, framing his manhood. Pulled hair bared ears larger than a human’s, the tips ending in a slight point. A small gold hoop pierced the left tip, twinkling as it danced and teased in the light. Aimee’s lips moistened as she envisioned savoring the combination of warm flesh and cool steel.

She took in his matching black eyebrows. They rose up and down like an upside down V over his almond-shaped eyes framed by a set of thick lashes. Instead of black, his pupils were a dark iridescent green, oval-shaped and surrounded by a ring of dual color. The first ring was a dark emerald with the outer ring a contrasting shade of lighter green. His full lips parted in a patronizing smile and displayed small fangs where human eyeteeth were.

He pulled his arms away from his chest and she noticed he had three fingers on each hand instead of four. Those fingers were long and thick, one digit not any shorter or smaller than another— his thumbs no different than a human.

She sighed, trying to picture how many toes he had.

“Satisfied?” His amused accented tone left no doubt he was making fun of her. “Believe in aliens now?” He leaned against the wall as he crossed his ankles. His dual-emerald eyes caressed and devoured her in a lazy roll.

His casual attitude bugged her. On one hand, she was glad he was an alien and not some sociopath wanting her eyeballs as trophies. He straightened and ambled toward her with a small grin on his full lips. On the other hand, his amusement at her expense was irritating.

A few feet away he stopped. A gape of shock replaced the grinning smirk.

He took in a deep breath and stepped closer. He raised a hand toward her as if he weren’t aware of his actions. Those bright emerald orbs bore into hers with widened pupils before he pulled his hand back and shuddered. Clutching his fingers into a fist, he straightened his back, turned around and left without saying a word.

Whoa, what in the world just happened?

If you'd like to see what happens next, get your copy for only $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited - 

Thanks for reading!


Maureen said...

That does a powerful question of how far one would go for love. Sounds like a great story!

Jessica E. Subject said...

An intriguing excerpt! That's a lot to give for love, but if that's better than what you're leaving behind, it's likely worth it.

Mary Morgan said...

Loved reading about the spark of your inspiration for this genre, Keri! Must go grab this story! All the best. :)

Anastasia Abboud said...

Oh, wow! Love the premise!

Diane Burton said...

Love the concept. Can't wait to read the book. Just think, if you have enough money, you can go into space with Space X (Inspiration4) by the end of this year. would I go? Since I found my hero 48 yrs ago, I don't need to. But, if I hadn't found him? In a heartbeat.

Keri Kruspe said...

You guys are all so awesome! Thanks for the encouraging thoughts :)

PS - Diane, my hubby and I are right behind you at 41 years - and I'd take his happy butt with me...