Monday, July 12, 2010

Love Instincts

Happy Manic Monday! Ice coffee is in the fridge and I have cold half-half next to it. Pour yourself a drink and join me in our virtual garden.

On a long drive to see my family this weekend, my oldest son sat next to me in the passenger seat and had the control of the car radio. My youngest sat in the back questioning the meaning of each song we listened to. I found myself saying, “It’s about love.” “The guy is singing about how much he loves a girl.” “The girl is saying she misses her boyfriend.”

DS#1 became frustrated.”Are there any songs about other things than love?”

“Sure, just not on the radio at the moment.” I grinned at his disappointment. “What other creature do we know of that obsesses about love as much as we do?” As the question came out of my mouth, I realized that most animals do. I pictured my fat hound dog, always trying to get someone’s attention and affection. The wolf packs I study as a hobby and how their hierarchy revolves around love and acceptance.

These thoughts raced through my mind as my son responded, “No, birds are crazier about love then we are.”


“I’ve seen those documentaries. They’re crazy.”

I remembered those clips too.

“Yep, you’re right.”

Maybe love is a survival instinct like our fight or flight reflex. We commercialize the concept but in reality it’s so much bigger than a candle light dinner. Maybe eye contact, flirting, and smiles are our mating dances?

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J Hali said...

I just love the colors and 'dressing up' birds do to attract mates! I think the 'face painting' is part of the human ritual too!! lol