Monday, August 23, 2010


End of August is here folks. School is about to start and for me it's time to re-evalutate my goals. For most people this occurs Jan.1, I've been conditioned to feel like this time of the year is the beginning and  for fresh starts. And for some odd reason, I never seem to be writing in August. LOL

This marks my second writing anniversary. I love looking back and assessing how things have progressed and I'm pleased with my year. I attended my first conference at RT, released four books, and added solid members to this blog.

Last year I wanted to write one novel and two novellas. I accomplished this. The Alpha was written last fall and was just released this summer, I finished Catch and am in edits with this second novel of The Angler series, and I'm placing the finishing touches on a paranormal romance novella today.

As to the coming year, *big sigh* I have soooo many stories and characters clammering in my head for attention, I'd love to write them all in one year but let's get serious, I'd never be allowed to sleep if I did.  I've started the 3rd book to The Vanguards series and I've written the first five chapters of an erotic sci-fi so I'll finish these then I have a secret book, I've nicknamed Bad For You,  I'm dying to sink my teeth in. I guess if I get all these done and submitted by next August I'll be very happy.  Though my list is longer, I have Release the third book of Angler, Signs a paranormal murder mystery, and a very dark sci-fi all outlined and ready to be worked on. So techinically, I'm booked for the next two years, bar the plot bunnies don't invade my head again. LOL

*rubs hands together* It's going to be a very exciting year. I love what I have plotted out and can't wait to share them with you.

Where are you in your goals? Doesn't have to be writing. Any kinds of plans you've made.


Sandra Sookoo said...

Have I met all my goals for this year? Not quite since my priorities shifted around June of this year. Have I given up on them? No, they're on hold for awhile.

As for goals for next year, I have books outlined and a bit plotted. The way things are going, 2011 is booked solid with work for me :-) I like it that way. Now, whether everything pans out is another story LOL

Can't wait to see where things go.

Good luck to you!

Annie Nicholas said...

I hear you on the priorities. With the kids out of school for the summer, I've barely placed any words on paper.

katsrus said...

My goals are to get a better job and make more time for reading. Never enough time in a day that's for sure.
Sue B

J Hali said...

Ditto what Sue said! lol

Oops...there goes another plot bunnie! Hehehe.