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Vegetarian at Midnight has released!

I'm pleased to announce that my paranormal romance Vegetarian at Midnight has released with Eirelander Publishing. This is the sequel to The Art of Fang Shui.

Blurb: Sometimes the love of meat is only the beginning of the problem.

Sophia has issues beyond being near-sighted. Bound to work for a power-hungry Portal Master for the next 90 years, her crown-shaped birthmark might set her apart, but her vegetarian lifestyle make her unforgettable. She can’t afford to be distracted by Xavier’s Adonis-like features because she knows she’ll betray him eventually.

Golden-curled, fedora-wearing Xavier’s a man with issues. Under a gypsy curse that compels him to morph into a werewolf, he wants nothing more than to convince the Portal Master to lift the blight. The only way to that exulted individual is through Sophia, but her stubbornness and fearful disposition heat his blood and annoy him at the same time.

Passions and problems collide while both Sophia and Xavier rise up to meet their destiny. Fighting a fallen angel and the Immortal Court, only the strong will come out alive.

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Excerpt from Chapter One.


The whispered name went into the night air unheard while his nose continued to twitch from the sharp scent of wood burning stoves. He ignored it and pushed further into the shadows of a doorway as she passed. No sense letting her see him until it was absolutely necessary. He considered slipping into his wolf form in order to follow her, but just as quickly banished the thought. Better to maintain full control of his human side for this part of the reconnaissance.

Xavier Leighton pulled the brim of his fedora lower then slunk out of his hiding place. He frowned. This woman held his fate in her hands? This woman had the power to save him? After watching her for weeks to learn her routine, she didn’t appear capable of handling her own life, let alone anyone else’s. He wanted to scoff, rage at fate for the cruel trick, but he did none of those things. Instead, he studied the woman.

Dull, brown hair hung limply to her shoulders. She tucked a lock of it behind her ear with a pale hand, the nails clipped short. His gaze focused on the slight sway of her hips as she walked. Xavier scowled. He wondered what her body looked like beneath the blazer that obscured her figure. Her height was several inches shorter than his six feet, the perfect size to tuck into his arms. His mouth watered—not from lust but from hunger. He hadn’t eaten since the day before, and the meal of venison did not satisfy him—would never satisfy him again. Perhaps if the woman did not answer to the title of Gatekeeper, he would devour her. The soft parts he could see would keep him busy for a while. He could almost feel the bones snap in his jaws, taste the sweetness of her flesh…

All the old admonitions from Hannah warning him not to eat humans came rushing back. He thrust them away yet, the primal urges would not be ignored so easily—neither could his curse.

The shrill ring of her cell phone yanked him out of his culinary reflections. Her attention seemed to be occupied with her enormous bag yet she continued to rush over the darkened sidewalk. Xavier stifled an impatient growl. Women these days had no sense of personal safety. If she had been just an ordinary human citizen, he would have pounced on her right then. He needed proof of her identity before he either disposed of her or saved her.

“Mona? What happened? You didn’t burn the apartment down, did you?” Her voice was low, melodious, but tinged with fear. “What happened?” The woman paused under a street light. Xavier saw a flash as she turned her head. She wore glasses. An intellectual female. His interest in her rose. However, her next comment chilled his blood. “Mona, tell me again what it means when my birthmark glows.”

A birthmark? Xavier narrowed his eyes. Would she actually give him confirmation without him needing to reveal his presence? His pulse thundered in his ears as she drew her left sleeve up to reveal her wrist. A crown-shaped birthmark glowed eerie red in the darkness. He licked his lips, tasting success.

A Gatekeeper!

Cold dread mingled with hot excitement at the prospect of his quest being over for The One—his mate and his salvation. He breathed a soft sigh and skulked out of the shadows when she hurried down the deserted street once more. The woman threw her phone into her bag and held the oversized monstrosity close to her side. Xavier wanted to laugh at her poor security clutch.

Fate had chosen, and it was his responsibility to carry the plan through. Finally, freedom was within his reach.

A crackle of dried autumn leaves nearly gave him away. The woman glanced over her shoulder, but Xavier quickly ducked behind a large oak tree, his chest tight. Should he reveal his presence now? She was almost at her apartment building. Once she gained the safety of her home and her protection wards, he could not approach her. A chilly October wind ruffled his hair. Xavier buttoned his trench coat against the onslaught. He had a matter of days to lift the curse. His lifetime of struggle had come down to this one moment. If he didn’t accomplish this goal, he’d be doomed to spend the rest of his life as a werewolf—and that was definitely not on his agenda.

It was time.

Using his limited magic, he coaxed the bulb in the next streetlight to shatter. After a loud pop, murky darkness claimed the street, and the air stilled. Her face showed in profile now, clearly reflecting sudden fear. Xavier smiled. His stomach clenched with anticipation as he circled around her with the silent movements of a consummate predator. She started off once more, seeming to search the shadows moments before she smacked into his chest. He grunted.

“Pardon me.” She looked up into his face. Her blue eyes were round and reflected a mixture of fear and resignation.

He felt her energy and knew she would run, so he wrapped his arms around her, preventing her flight. “The darkness is full of unexpected obstacles, Miss Raines, and we must try to ascertain which of them should be avoided at any cost.” Xavier couldn’t resist tucking her against himself. Her head fit neatly under his chin. For one brief moment, a wave of calm engulfed him, but then she struggled, and the peace succumbed to the thrill of the chase.

“Who are you, and how do you know my name?” She attempted to jerk out of his grasp but he merely tightened his hold.

As if I will tell her. Xavier smiled. “It is of no consequence at the moment.”

“If you don’t let me go, I will call nine-one-one.” She fumbled in her bag.

“That would be unwise.” He easily ignored her protest and let his fingers explore her curves. Too bad her heavy blazer prevented him from knowing what her body felt like.

“And that’s supposed to make me not do it?”

A soft chuckle escaped him. “No. Besides, you are in no danger from me.” Much, he silently amended. Her scent teased his nostrils, and because he was part wolf, he could discern every subtly of her; vanilla, honeysuckle, and the sweet womanly smell that was hers alone.

Enchanting? He’d been alone for too long. She wasn’t his usual style at all, but destiny apparently didn’t operate on the physical alone.

“Then I’ll scream until someone comes.”

“That would also be an unfortunate decision.” No matter that she had the power to destroy him, the sound of her voice wrapped around him like a fleece blanket to mute his senses. “You should practice a bit more caution.”

Her eyes narrowed in the darkness. “Who are you?”

“That information is not important at the moment.” His gaze dropped to her lips. The bottom was slightly fuller than the top. Xavier’s groin tightened with desire. His mission would be over before it started if he continued down this path.

“What do you mean it’s not important? Of course it is. I demand to know your name!” Her voice raised an octave, tinged with hysteria now. “I’m calling the police. A pretty boy like you will keep the hardened criminals busy in jail.”

Her single-minded determination made him smile and teased his sense of adventure. “I did advise you not to do that. Perhaps this will make you change your mind.”

Xavier settled her more comfortably in his arms and pressed his lips to hers. For whatever reason, the woman released rivers of need into his blood, and the only thing he could do was answer Nature’s call. He nibbled at her lips, savoring their velvety softness. Wanting to taste more, he ran his tongue along their crease, willing her to invite him inside. When she didn’t, Xavier grasped her hips and pulled her flush against the hard wall of his body with a low growl. In response, the minx sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, turning his blood to liquid fire and leaving behind rampant arousal.

He wanted her in a primal, earthy way, but a warning crept into his lust-shrouded brain to urge caution. Xavier needed her connection to Sterling, the Portal Master, more than he needed her warm in his bed—and she would, eventually. He just needed to convince her they were life mates. Those thoughts fled in the face of sharp pain when she bit down hard on his bottom lip.

“What did you do that for?” It was no love bite. She did it on purpose, with malicious intent. He set her away at arm’s length putting a hand to his mouth. “Enough. You need to come with me.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” She grasped the lapels of his trench coat until she could stand upright then shoved her wire-framed glasses up the bridge of her nose as a satisfied smile played about her lips. “What was the point? You kiss me then just when it starts to get interesting you stop?” Her eyes spat blue fire as she planted her fists on her hips. “You can think again, buddy. I’m not going anywhere with you.”

His soft laughter rang through the quiet streets. She would be a challenge, and one he looked forward to meeting. “If you would like to see how interesting we can make it, I’m willing to continue.” When she blew out a breath, he grinned, feeling very much like the wolf he was. “Hurry home, Sophia. The things that walk the darkness are oftentimes not benevolent creatures. You have my word on that.”

Xavier gazed after her as she ran down the sidewalk. Regardless of how the woman made him react, he had the proof he needed. The birthmark confirmed her as a Gatekeeper and her reaction to his kiss cemented the fact she was his mate. Now, how to convince her to bring him to Elias Realm?

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