Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday

Okay, am I allowed to say Summer is flying by--too fast--it's mid June already. Oh, right, officially it doesn't start until the 20th, or is it the 21st? Either way, I'm already enjoying the hot-as-hell weather which feels like Summer should feel!! And that brings me to my post. *grin*
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To quench her thirst, she'd have to dance with the devil...

 Monique finally found a place where she could live out her fantasy. Little did she know the den of iniquity she'd walked into was inhabited by every monster in the world.

Nolan, a vampire who worked as a Slayer, wanted to give the human woman her every wish. But first, Satan's son had to be reckoned with. The one thing both agreed on was Moni should have what she wanted--enough sex to quench her thirst.

The sound of the door swinging in distracted them both.

God damn, the woman was striking. Tall, curvaceous, and with dark brown hair to her ass, an ass that cried out to be fucked. Christ. Nolan’s cock came alive. So did every other part of his body, which took a lot of doing considering he’d been dead too many years to count.

Peris chuckled on the other side of the counter, giving his balls a nice squeeze. “Looks like a live one to me. I might make a play for her myself.”

“Not unless you’re looking forward to visiting relatives.” Peris had connections to the hierarchy below, but, with the dark one’s permission, Nolan would send the young man to Hell in a heartbeat. Nolan had been called lots of things -- dead, undead, bloodsucker, motherfucker -- and he lived up to every one of them. He was a Slayer, and he was the best. “Get the lady a beer. Let’s see what she does with it.”

Watching the woman make her way to the bar, he took a deep breath. Human. Omen’s wasn’t a place humans popped into often, and for good reason. The cloying feeling of imminent danger was prevalent, a vibe even the shallowest human sensed the minute they entered the establishment.

This one ignored it, so she must be looking for something. Or someone. The blood pulsing through her gorgeous body would soon be running through his veins. Wouldn’t kill her, vamps didn’t do that anymore. Okay, some did, but they were the ones he took out of play, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

She slid onto a stool at the opposite end of the bar, and it felt like she’d plopped into his lap. Cum slipped from the slit on his dick, which jerked violently inside his designer slacks. He reached up to loosen a button or two at the collar of the stark white silk shirt he wore. Getting into her panties, if she wore any, was going to be pure joy. After fucking her senseless, he’d taste her -- just a little bit if she was worth another ride. If not, he’d have a full meal before sending her home.

Peris delivered a cold brew with a glass and turned away, pretending to straighten the bottles of liquor on display. Nolan, adjusting his heightened vision, gazed right into her eyes when she looked his way. One hazel, one brown -- not something he saw often. Tipping the bottle toward him, she smiled and nodded before putting it to her lips. No glass! Excellent. A cock sucker, and he’d bet every year he had lived she was a good one. When her pink tongue darted through painted red lips, wrapped around the top of the bottle and licked it dry, he made his move.

Easing into her mind, he sifted through all the day’s clutter. Such tiny panties. With a groan that lodged in his throat, he backed out, sniffing at the air. Sweet. What he’d unearthed in her mind made his dead heart beat like a drum. Fantasies should be played out, and he intended to help with hers.

Are you Thirsty yet!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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