Monday, June 27, 2011

My Dog

Anyone who follows me on twitter has read about my dog. Lola is a Tree Walking Coon Hound. I've never seen her walk any trees, chase coons, or hunt with any success but I love her. Even when she locked me out of the house in the middle of a snowstorm while I was in my pajamas, I could still forgive her because she's a goof. Look at that face. It's a loving goof face.

She's convinced she's a little boy. Not only is she species confused but gender as well. One morning after the boys ran out to catch the school bus she decided to sit at the table on a chair and wait for me to serve her breakfast like the rest of the family.

I came across this hilarious blog where the author worries her dog might be dumb. I contected with her concerns and performed the same tests she did. To my shock, Lola did very well. She's just fooling me.

Smart girl.

Annie Nicholas

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