Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dark Hungers

Good afternoon, readers! It's been an interesting month for me. I took my first domestic train ride, and LOVED it!

I'm still out in the middle of nowhere at my Mom's home. While the visit has been lovely, I'm ready to get back home to the chaos of my life. :D

*gestures to a table of pastries and beverages* 

Have your pick of treats for today's post. I'd like to talk about dark hungers in our paranormal heroes and heroines.

What is it about the inner animal/monster of paranormal romance characters that gets the heart pounding? Is it the edge of danger? The rush of adventure? Or is it our wish to tame that creature? To draw out the very best and noble qualities of that individual?

Before you answer those questions, how about some eye candy? Alcide from the HBO series True Blood. Wouldn't you just love to help him tame the beast? Yum.

I'm fiddling with a story idea that involves a midnight train racing across Texas. A hidden werewolf. A woman in defiance of her uncle's agenda. And a dark purpose that neither character expects. Sounds fun. :D

And here's some trivia for you. What paranormal creatures did Paul Wesley play before his role as Stefan Salvatore on Vampire Diaries? Bonus points if you can name the series/movies. :D

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Teresa Cypher said...

It is fascinating--a human's propensity toward a romantic challenge. I really think--like women love bad boys, that we want to tame them.

BUT...not too much. We can't tame into submission like a lap dog, you know?


Angie said...

Didn't he play a werewolf on that series with Lou Diamond Philips? Wolf Town or something....Wolf Lake.

Annie Nicholas said...

I'm terrilbe with trivia. LOL

I like heros who terrify everyone else but the heroine. For her and only her, he's all bark.

Dawn Montgomery said...

Wolf Lake! Yes!

Love heroes who do the same Annie!