Thursday, June 14, 2012

Distressed Author Needs Your Help!

by JoAnne Kenrick


I can't believe it. Here I am, writing my second blog for Paranormal Romantics, still with a sick Mac. Granted it has been brought back to life two times since, and a third on the way. But it is sure becoming clear that it's not a software problem. It is also becoming alarmingly clear that I need a computer to access the internet; tablet/podger/mobile devices just don't cut it. As a writer, it is how I get my work done. As my own marketer, it is how I get word out about my books. As a blogger, get the drift. I can't access writerly or reader-esk forums, nor can I paste and copy so well from a Kindle Fire. Whatever I do is amazingly basic. I can shout "hi" on Facebook or Twitter. I can access my books and music. And I can write...notes. And lucky for me, I can blog a 'little' -- texting was never my strength.
I guess you could say I'm on a forced holiday from writing. Yeah. Not likely. I'm plotting and planning, catching up with some reading, and studying a few how-to books -- figured I should make best use of this down time.

You'll also find I've caught up with all housework and I'm getting on with some abandoned DIY projects - photos on my facebook profile.

With a brand new release out (Strange and Beautiful) and another on the way (All The Pretty Faces), edits due for Irish Kisses two waiting in my in box, and two almost completed WIPs, I am distressed. I'm impatient. And I'm hanging on by a thread. I actually had no idea how important access to the internet from a reliable computer really was. But know that although I may not be interacting in the author yahoo loops or facebook pages and twitter hastags, I am super busy and miss you all! I miss hearing all your success stories or being there to offer supportive words. I miss hearing about new releases and opportunities.

So...if you have a minute, I sure would appreicate it if you shared your news and new releases below! Hit me with it! What's been going on in your authorly/reader world in the last few weeks? And pretty please...pass on any tips you've got for getting a writer through a computer free period.

Here's what I've been up to:

  • Daughter graduated Elementry School
  • Mac needs to be melted
  • Subbed a secret project
  • Started a newsletter - sign up here:
  • Finished edits for Tales from the Coffin book three
  • Almost finished writing Tales from the Coffin book four
  • Up to my neck in DIY jobs.

My Upcoming Releases:

  • Strange and Beatiful (Tales from the Coffin bk1) OUT NOW! - $1.99
  • All The Pretty Faces (Tales from the Coffin bk2) June 29th - $1.99
  • Shamrocked (Irish Kisses bk2) July-ish
  • Bittersweet Symphony (Tales from the Coffin b3) August-ish

FYI - I am not a PC. And I am definately no MAC either.


Bleue D'âme said...

If you do melt your Mac please take photos and share them with us! :P

Tips for a computer free period? Notebook and pen? :D:P

JoAnne Kenrick said...

The good old pen n least that can't freeze up on me ;) Melting of Mac might actually happen. It did me wrong! Hehehe