Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clearing Out Some Space

        So this week I’ve decided to really clear out my spaces and do some major cleaning. It’s been a rewarding process so far. I feel lighter as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s wonderful clearing out space, getting rid of the clutter and getting things clean and organized. As I go through this process, I feel as if my mind is getting a clean out too. Which is what we need sometimes. We need time to focus on something else, even if it is cleaning, to allow us a break from some of the stresses that we have going on in life. Cleaning may not be punching a bag or doing some exercise to relieve some of that tension that we carry with us on a daily basis but it allows us to take control of something, anything.

         I’ve discovered that while cleaning my environment, I start to feel the stress slip away. I can focus on my writing once the clutter that surrounded me is gone. I don’t feel that press that I usually do when I’m writing. During speed writing, I feel a tension to perform. It can be rewarding, since I’m making progress on my story but at the same time if I don’t make a certain word count I feel disappointed. It’s a see saw, on the one hand I’m proud that I’ve forwarded my story but at the same time it’s not enough. I use to be able to write 5k in a day, 7 days a week. Now I’m lucky if I can get 500 words down.

        And with deadlines it can be an even bigger sense of failure. Celebrating the small things can be great but not when you feel you’re letting yourself down. But with cleaning I feel that weight from my past disappointments and my emotional turmoil disappear. Even with the pain in my back and legs, at the end of the day I’ve decluttered my work area and other places that badly needed cleaning and taken back control. In doing this, I’ve also allowed myself to confront my own sense of accomplishment, but I’ve also cleaned a part of my mind, the creative part of me. Which was badly needed.

       For a few hours, I’m in control. I’m free and I can do no wrong, or let down myself. It’s a wonderful sense of self. Hopefully this will translate into more wordage and a better sense of stability.

 What do you do to declutter your thoughts?

Selena Illyria
Unmask Your Desires. Satiate Your Hungers


Krystal Shannan said...

I usually do my best cleaning when I'm mad, LOL. (can I just say, my house is not really spic and span). I do relate to feeling better after cleaning or getting rid of clutter.

Declutter thoughts.......hmmmmm.........usually I watch a movie or go get one of my favorite books of the shelf.


Kate Hill said...

I feel better when my work area is clean too, Se. Even though I write at home, I usually like to get dressed up too instead of staying in my loungewear. To relieve stress, though, for me there's nothing like a good workout, and to stimulate ideas, all I need to do is step into the shower. LOL.


Unknown said...

I can't clean when I'm mad, I may break things. lol

Oh! I hate when I get ideas in the shower. It's like really? You talk to me now? Now when I'm wet, naked and there's no notepad near me. Exercise is good way to clear things but when I work out I use that time to read.

I put on my smexy heels to write, they seem to work, some times. But I just can't go all out and dress up, it makes my unpractical side say we're not going out so why should we dress up. LOL