Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love me some steampunk chic...

This series of images popped up on Twitter yesterday. (Thank you, Ella Drake and Hailey Edwards!)

Prada does Steampunk with seriously glowering actors.

Gary Oldman has this whole Industrialist/Kaiser/Lenin thing going on. Seriously the bunnies just bounce off him.

The Tor link has more images and a brief filming of the photo shoot and there's a youtube of the catwalk show. Tim Roth appears at about 1 minute in, absolutely grinning fit to burst.  Gary Oldman, of course is broody and hot.

There is something about the power of steampunk clothing, especially tailored to this quality, that makes me love it. It speaks of the might of an age, of influence and wealth and also makes you consider  the inverse, of the poverty on which that wealth was built. These could be the men at the top of the Victorian class pyramid. And everything about them makes you very aware of it.

Ooh, I want to finish my non-quite-a-steampunk trilogy now. Thank you, Prada! *bounce*

It's strange that my last post here was about clothes too. And Gary Oldman. I haven't got an obsession. Honest *twitch*

Oh and the Prada women's collection for Autumn/Winter 2012? No. Just don't go there. Don't...

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Voirey Linger said...

I *LOVE* that steampunk spread. seriously... rawr. Something about men being all tailored in such classic looks makes me happy to be a girl.

I made the mistake of looking at the women's clothes. It was a frightening thing. Women's fashion is in a scary phase. but thank God for the classic look on the men...