Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet the Devil's Vampire

Lordy, just woke up! And if the dang cat hadn't run through the window escaping from a neighborhood dog, I'd STILL be sleeping! Wow, it's been a month of meeting new bloggers and they all have some really great stuff out there so check it out.

This summer I'm participating in Voirey's Summer Reading Trail where you can find the best summer reading. There's lots of free reads and excerpts so hop over and enjoy at http://summertreadingtrail.weebly.com/

I'm offering excerpts from my Razor's Edge stories. Needless to say, they're hot...hotter than hell, which is where Bane of Existence takes place. Reading the first two would probably be a good idea! *grin* Then grab Bane's story this Friday from Changeling Press. Here's a snippet:

Book Summary
One night spent in a human woman's arms brought Bane, a son of Satan, as close to heaven as he'd ever get. Knowing he'd want Iris again and again, he left a part of himself in her mind. Returning to claim her, Bane angered the one creature other than Satan who could control him. Now the only way he can have Iris is to convince her she wants him as much as he needs her.

But the seed Bane planted in her mind that fateful night has taken root and Iris is becoming a wanton force to be reckoned with.

Not every thirst can be quenched at Omen's, a club where monsters reign. Some need to go to hell!

"Reminding me of who I was will not save you." The vamp picked up the Temperance tarot card and ripped it in half.

An icy blast of air had preceded Nolan, thus his materializing in the room hadn't surprised Bane. His father, Satan, was off creating havoc somewhere in the world and couldn't have prevented Heaven's vampire from finding him anyway, not after the creature had taken blood directly from his heart. He'd only hoped to buy time, hoped his father would at least intervene and lessen the pain that might be inflicted upon him. "I didn't expect it would. Still, you can't kill me, Temperance."

"I've always hated that name and I'm no longer a heavenly being." Nolan's clothes dropped from his body, leaving a pile of ashes at his feet. "It's so fucking hot down here."

Bane backed toward the entrance. "Wouldn't you prefer to wait and fuck Daddy?" An evil smile played on his lips. One last dig at the cold bastard in front of him. "Oh, I forgot. Since Peris's mommy, he hasn't wanted you."

"Where is Iris?"

Resting his head against the cool stone behind him, Bane closed his eyes, letting the memory of the last few days wash over him. If nothing else, the events following his return below would provide some comfort. "Behind this door." Nothing would stop the vampire from having what he'd come for.


When Satan had dragged Bane from Omen's and returned him to his domain in Hell, Iris ministered to him. The thought of her cool hands wiping blood from his chest caused his cock to rise, only to shrink again when he remembered the fear in her eyes as his wounds closed, as the burnt flesh flaked from his body, leaving his human skin glistening with sweat. The vampire's laughter drew his head up. Bile churned in Bane's stomach as anger took over and thick scales began to cover his body. Nolan slammed into his mind, stopped him from becoming the hellish being that could help protect him from the slayer. Worth a try. It would have made little difference because the Devil's blood flowed through the much older night creature before him. Nolan moved toward Bane and, reaching him, he slammed his body against the massive door so hard it flew wide open. The sound of Iris's scream tore into his heart.

"Which of us, Bane, will she want more?"

Turning to gaze at Iris, Bane watched as she removed her clothes piece by piece. Milky white skin glowed in the softly lit room. Long blonde hair hung over her shoulders, covering puckered nipples, nipples he'd sucked and bitten until they bled each time he took her. Soft, womanly hips jutted forward. Peering into Iris's eyes he saw what he knew would be there once she recovered from the shock of the door flinging open. An uninhibited desire, a carnal need to be fucked. Twisting to glare back at Nolan, he saw what he didn't want to see in the vampire's red glint. Lust.

Which of them would he take first?


Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele


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