Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Thank You To The Men In My Head

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to all of the men in my…head.  Yes, in my head.  The heroes who have come and made me fall in love with them while I tell their stories.

I thank you.

Oh sure, I took your faces, sort of, from some of the men above.  I altered you a little bit here and a little bit there until you fit my purposes.  And then I gave you personalities you've never had nor will you (I think) ever have. 

I thank you.

Okay--so sometimes I made you mythological creatures. I may have written you backstories that would destroy a lesser man.  

But I thank you.

And please please please don't stop coming. Because writers block sucks.

Who have your muses been? Who have you pictured when you've read your favorite books? Anyone I placed above?


Heather Long said...

Oh, I must confess, I love the men in your head, but they do get around. Several drift in and out of mine. Occasionally twisting a story to their particular preference.

Recently, Chris Hemsworth has tried to fill the boots of any hero I'm writing. Who says the blonde hero isn't sexy?

Rebecca Royce said...

SO he's invading your WIPs too? He's been all over mine. LOL

Jessica Subject said...

Oh yes, many of those men have come to me with story ideas. Currently I'm writing one with Nathan Fillion as my inspiration, but Gerard Butler is trying to push his way in as the hero in another story.

Rebecca Royce said...

You know, somehow i missed Nathan Fillion. I need to watch something with him in it...besides Buffy where he played that really psychotic preacher.

Heather Long said...

Castle is awesome, so is Firefly. Nathan totally invaded one of my books. Set up shop and made himself at home!

Rebecca Royce said...

What was the show he was on before Castle? Something Joss Whedon, right?

Annie Nicholas said...

Rebecca! Don't tell me you haven't watched Firefly. It's Supernatural ALL over again. Go get on your Netflix and rectify this.

Rebecca Royce said...

I've not. I saw the movie..Serenity (?)...a while back . Its called Firefly? I will get on Netflix.

Graylin Fox said...

Serenity is the series finale movie. You missed all the backstory. Go. Rent. Now.

My inspiration right now is Michael Fassbender as Azazeal in Hex. Deliciously evil.

Teresa Cypher said...

I love this post!!

My muses? Oy! lol...I would never say. I have a bad habit of pulling bits and pieces from people I actually know in the real world. lol...and then, well, reassembling them in a manner which will not have them be identifiable to anyone I know. Holy is a lot of extra work, now that I think about it... ;-)

Rebecca Royce said...

Its being rented. Michael Fassbender is a good one!

Teresa--I once used a waiter in a restaurant in Florida. So, I've done it too. Real life men are harder for me. I can't stare unabashedly without someone noticing. LOL