Friday, November 9, 2012

10 Reasons I'm Thankful for The Fortunate Buddha Series

I don't do this often, tell people why I think they should read a series I wrote. Some would call it humble, others might be shocked to think shy—but the truth is, I love my books and I want others to love them for their own merits—which are not always the same. In this case, however, I wanted to break my silence to discuss a series that I am especially proud and very grateful for on many levels. If they make you curious to go and read them, then that's a win-win in my book.

The Fortunate Buddha

10. The Fortunate Buddha is an idol. The hunt for this statue drives all three books, but the motivations of each of my "thieves" is their own.
9. Anya Swift, the heroine in the first book tickled me. She was a thief who enjoyed stealing, but worked for an organization that gave her a purpose—reacquiring stolen or lost works and returning them to their original owners.
The Love Thieves

8. The Sauvage cousins – Max is the hero of the first book and Pietr the hero in the second. These wealthy men have a great relationship. Pietr made me laugh out loud at his antics in the first and Max's driving quest to be with Anya was swoonworthy.
7. Sophie Kingston, the heroine of The Taming of the Thief was smart. I like smart heroines and her resourcefulness helped keep her alive. Lots of gun waving in this book, and a little bit of a first for  me.
6. Museums, antiquities and history offered me some great settings in these books. As a museum junkie, book two was a great deal of fun.

The Taming of the Thief

5. Romance with a splash of adventure and a whole lot of sizzle? Yeah, those are my favorite kinds, too.
4. There is something Harlequin-esque about these books because they were originally written for Harlequin. My grandmother adored Harlequin and used to read to me from their lines (editing some scenes of course) and it's still my goal to one day have a Harlequin title just for her.
3. Jarod Parker in book 3 blew me away. The Lady is a Thief is among my favorite books to have written and Jarod is definitely in my top 3 heroes—ever.

The Lady is a Thief

2. Lady Katherine Hardwicke was a force of nature in the second book, but her story came with a bit of a heart wrenching twist. Loved delving into her story in book 3.
1. While not paranormal, everyone who came into contact with the Fortunate Buddha was in some way greatly affected. I loved having that ambiance in a series.

All three Fortunate Buddha books are now available. You can purchase them separately as eBooks or the whole lot as a collected anthology. They were fun to write and I hope you enjoy the stories of Max and Anya, Pietr and Sophie, and Jarod and Kit as much as I did.

Happy Month of Thanks all!

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