Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dusting Off the Long Forgotten Book

Good morning!

An old, worn, and warped paperback sits on the arm of my couch this morning. The other day I found a mystery book I read and loved in high school. Now I'm halfway through re-reading it and am not only loving the story all over again, but it's interesting to see what I enjoyed reading so many years ago. My tastes have expanded dramatically, but those old books not only speak to my foundations in reading, but some of those subconscious things that influence me as a writer.

I remember a book I read so long ago that I didn't literally read it--my mom read it to me. Of course the title and author are lost, but I remember a ghost story in which the main character was trying to free a horse locked in a building in the woods, but no one was listening. When he/she finally got the door open, a horse's ghost ran out and there was nothing inside except for old bones. Despite the reading level, I'd love to be able to read that again, just experience the story/writing that managed to stick with me all these years.

Am I weird or has anyone else fallen in love again with their favorite books from their youth? :-)

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