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Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!

I want to wish you a safe, fun, happy, prosperous holiday. Thank you for reading my posts and commenting and just visiting the site. I wish I could give you a more in-depth post but I’m in the middle of trying to finish off an Easter story and organize a new Halloween Series. Yep, you read that right Easter and Halloween. It’s been a very busy few weeks, with back to back edits and writing, lots of writing. I did want to post and celebrate the holiday with you guys, that and I have two new books out. If you will, please check out the start of my new series: Bachelor Auction (paranormal), my Christmas Contemporary (my first ever contemporary story) and lastly, I’m pulling this from my backlist, a true on Christmas story (paranormal).

Bachelor Auction: Mate Not Wanted
Due out Dec 20th from Etopia Press

Will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and ARe

Sneak Peek:
“I’m fine, back off,” she spat, more venomously than she intended.
“Not until I make sure you’re not hurt.” Before she could protest he jerked her against him until her breasts pressed against his midsection. Her nipples became tightened nubs that pulsed with need. Her skin tightened as pricks of heat danced along her exposed skin and her lioness purred louder, demanding more contact with her mate. For a moment, all she saw was him. Her world became the bright white of his shirt marred by the dark stains of blood, his sweat and unique scent, the tanned skin of his neck. She leaned forward to rub herself against him, imprint her own perfume on his clothes. A soft buzzing sound filled her ears.
Whispers and murmurs swirled around them, pulling her back to the reality of where she was. Madison cursed her weakness and took a step back. She was supposed to stay away from him, not give him more ammunition to prove his theory that she was attracted to him.
“No way in hell. I’m fine. No damage. I could have handled myself, you know?” It wasn’t a bluff, but she had to remind herself of why she should be so pissed at him. Things could have gone pear shaped in a matter of seconds had she not stepped in. “Why do you have to act like such a beast? Jesus.” She ran a hand through her hair and focused her weakened anger at him. “You could have gotten someone hurt, or worse.”
He blinked. “I know you can take care of yourself. I was just trying to help.”
His voice was now soft and gentle, and yet that roughness still remained. It was like a single malt—smooth, creamy, rough, and could keep you warm on the coldest of nights.
Another shiver raced along Madison’s skin and smoothed down her spine. Her nipples pulsed with heat as her breasts grew heavy and tight. She wanted to move back into his touch, feel the press of his chest against hers as he moved within her, rubbing his skin against the sensitive tips.
Madison cleared her throat and tried to stave off her desire. “And I’m not your mate,” she lied, trying to shrug off the effects that his tenor had on her body, “friend or otherwise.”
“For now.” Pierce closed the gap between them until his chest pressed against her breasts, giving them just a hint of the pressure they needed. It wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

Thawing Ava
Due Out Dec 24th from Loose Id


Hockey player Brice Douglas has never gotten over the Christmas he spent with Ava Johnson back in college. Now, years later, he’s in trouble with his team, the Witch Fields Prowlers. Desperate to keep their rabble-rousing player’s head in the game, they hire a babysitter to keep his ass out of a sling and home in his bed at night: Ava. He’s determined to make up for lost time, while convincing her he’s not the man the team made him out to be, using every dirty, sexy trick he can.

Ava just got out a relationship with a cheating fiancĂ©. She needs time to rebuild her life and babysitting her old college crush maybe the answer to her prayers–so long as sex isn’t involved. Yet, with his sexy nightly self-pleasuring sessions and dirty talk her resistance quickly starts wearing thin. With every day that passes, she’s growing more comfortable with him and his desire for her.

Will she be putting Brice on ice, or will he end up thawing Ava?

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Unedited Unofficial Sneak Peek:

It was a gesture to shut her up, a kiss that stole her air and scattered her thoughts and cracked a few walls she hadn’t realized were weak. Though closemouthed, it branded her with a restrained heat she hadn’t expected. She wanted to open her mouth for a taste, give in and urge him to unleash all that heat. Ava could smell that clean scent of soap and male with just a hint of musk that sent the fire in her body spiralingHis heat seeped past the barrier of her jacket and the denim into her skin. She wanted to touch him, anywhere, everywhere, to pull the hardness of him against her. Ava wanted to peel off his clothes, gaze upon all that tanned skin, and explore every inch that she hadn’t seen in pictures. 
She reached out to touch him, but he stopped the kiss so quickly she could only whimper in response. When he lifted his head, she found herself panting and confused, any thought of why she was here gone. She brought her fingers to her lips and pressed them to the tingling flesh. 
“That Christmas was the best Christmas I’d ever had because I was with you. May have been two weeks, but I never forgot that time. Two weeks wasn’t long enough for us, for me,” he said before he stepped back. His face, ears, and throat red, desire and something else swirled in his eyes. “I have to go shower. You can just wander around, okay? Nothing to hide from you. I’m an open book.” He gave her another devilish smile and took off for the bathroom like demon dogs were on his heels. All she could do was stand there and touch her bruised lips. Damn it. She cursed herself, but she wouldn’t have taken that kiss back for anything in the world. She’d always wished she had gotten up the courage to kiss him that Christmas. 
He paused before he entered the sectioned-off room and looked over his shoulder at her. “By the way, I like to cook, and I’ll be making dinner tonight. No going out for us, so get your things and get your ass back here quick as you can. Don’t make me spank you your first night here. And I will do it. Don’t think I won’t.” His gaze caressed her body once more. 
Even through the layers of clothes, she felt it, touching her in places he couldn’t see, had never seen. Fuck, I’m so in trouble. As soon as he shut the door, her knees buckled, and her legs gave out. She didn’t let the pain of denim-covered skin and bone hitting the wood flooring register. 

Holiday Paws
OUT NOW at Changeling Press

After dealing with the flu and missing her flight to spend the holidays with her family, Nessa thought she’d be alone for Christmas. When her mate Ben shows up at her door with the intention of giving her a holiday she won’t soon forget, she knows this Christmas will definitely be the best yet.

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Sneak Peek:

“Nessa, babe? Answer me, sugar, or I’ll have to break down the door.” The stern warning only ignited her arousal. She could picture him just beyond the door, adjusting his glasses, his thick shoulders filling out his simple, red plaid shirt to the limit, wearing worn jeans that fit him like a second skin, and simple boots.
“Nessa.” Her name may have been a warning, but to her it was a sexy command, demanding she be ready to do anything he wanted sexually. All thoughts of illness and food fled as the need to come together with her mate, to feel him skin to skin, took over.
“Ben,” she sighed.
“Jesus, Ness! Are you all right or not?” There was a scratching at the lock, and the door opened. “Oh, I see.”
She gazed at him hungrily. He was yummy to look at, classically handsome with a square jaw, strong cheekbones, and beautiful green eyes framed by long, dark lashes.
There was just so much he didn’t understand.
Although he was a twenty-five-year-old second-in-command for the Pack, who managed every aspect of their lives and cleaned up their messes, she didn’t need him to save her. No matter how many times she’d told him that, it didn’t sink in. She was thirty-one years old and had been taking care of herself since she was sixteen.
“What?” He hadn’t moved, and she was wondering what he was thinking. Sometimes she wondered if he thought she was another mess he needed to clean up, an obligation he needed to take care of for the pack. She’d never voiced those thoughts, but they still came up. They had sex, and he did stop by to check on her, but she got the distinct feeling that sometimes he just didn’t know why he was there.
“It’s Christmas. I just wanted to stop by and see how you were and share a meal with you. Spend some time with you.”

Happy Holidays!

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