Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Suffer the Hunger

Have you ever been so hungry that it was the only thing that occupied your mind?

It's one of our primal drives.

We all have to eat.

What if you didn't just need food to survive? What lengths would you go to live and how would you live with yourself afterwards? These are questions that Pia Blyton suffers through in Ravenous.

Suffer the hunger.

Pia Blyton wants it all. A steady boyfriend, love and her independence. But to ignore her succubus nature is to welcome chaos. Every three days she must orgasm to feed. Bad sex isn’t an option. Stave off the hunger for too long and her demon side peeks out, and its tastes are much less discerning than hers.

One bad day, one wrong decision, and her demon takes control of her libido and kisses all her best intentions goodbye.

Brokenhearted and ashamed, Pia is dragged home to Lake City by Zur-Sin, a vampire her father paid to find her. Caught in a world where mortal desires are seen as a weakness, Pia needs to figure out how to protect her heart from her deepest longings.

Annie Nicholas

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Day seven of my cycle

Cold iron bit into my wrists when I rolled on my side and turned my back toward the door. The insistent knocking drilled into my aching head. I stifled a moan. If I stayed real quiet maybe they’d leave, thinking the motel room was empty. From the searing pain in my abdomen and the weakening demands of my inner demon, I only had a few hours left to live.
The crack of wood splintering replaced the pounding. I jerked at the sharp noise and twisted around. Hanging on the hinges, my door had smashed open. Someone flicked the switch on and the lights burned my sensitive eyes. I tried to shield my face with my hand but the chains holding the manacles around my wrists clanked and held my arm inches from the mattress.
“No.” I yelled. “Get out!” My chains rattled as I lunged at them. They snapped me back against the mattress and my head flopped on the pillow as a surge of sexual frustration flooded my system. My demon nature had quieted to a dull roar since yesterday but the scent of males had awoken the beast. It roared inside my head and clawed to retake control of my body. “Yes, stay,” it whispered.
Two people strode into the room. Light haloed around them so I couldn’t make any details. “Close the door, Cooper.” The shorter one knelt by my bed. “You look terrible for a succubus.”
I blinked my eyes until I could focus, and cleared my throat. “Get the fuck out.” I just wanted to die and take my demon with me.
The young man tilted his head to the side as if confused. Blond with blue eyes the same shade as a tropical sea, he didn’t look much older than nineteen. “I’m here to rescue you, sweetheart.” He caressed my cheek and all thoughts of saving him stopped on a dime.
I leaned into his touch and purred. “Yes, let me go.” My demon fought me for control.
He jumped to his feet and stepped back, his gaze caressing my body as if trying to decide where to start undressing me. “Fuck.”
I’d seen human males react to me this way. The hungrier I grew, the more they would want me. Neither of us could control that reaction. My body would pump fuck-me pheromones in the air until it was fed.
The second man came into my view, a little taller than the blond, with tawny hair down to his muscled shoulders. His thread bare t-shirt and faded jeans clung to all the right places. “What’s wrong?”
“Look at her body. She’s emaciated. Someone left her here to starve.” He watched me as I struggled against my chains.
I could only sit in the back of my head and scream in silence. What I called my demon nature was really a survival instinct. It grew more powerful when I got too hungry. I’d find myself humping some schmuck behind a Dumpster if I didn’t feed every three days. This was day seven.
I shuddered. This drive to orgasm was what ruined my life. All I ever wanted was to be loved. Why could every other creature have it but my kind?
The blond searched the bathroom, the closet and under my bed. “I don’t think it’s a trap. If it was, they would have set her loose on us by now.”
“A trap?” Tawny, gorgeous Cooper retreated to the door. “You said we were here to help her.” He readjusted the crotch of his tight jeans. His gaze wandered back to me and he swallowed hard.
“We are, but I wasn’t expecting this. Her father said she’d run away but this looks more like a kidnapping.”
“Well, unchain her and let’s go.”
The blond grew still and glared at Cooper. Suddenly, he didn’t seem nineteen anymore and the power radiating off him sent my supernatural Richter scale off the chart. So, not human, which explained how he knew my father.
Cooper shrank against the door, his gaze pinned to the cheap carpeting. “Sorry.”
“Sorry, what?”
“Sorry, master.” His voice shook.
“Use your fucking nose and see if you can pick up the scent of whoever chained her to the bed.” The master ran a finger along the sole of my foot.
I rolled my hips, inviting him to take off the yoga pants. I wanted his hands on my skin, not teasing my feet. No, no touching, no feeling. I clawed at the demon. I wouldn’t lose this time.
Cooper had walked around the room sniffing at random areas. “It’s hard to pinpoint scents in motel rooms, Zur-Sin. There’s too much traffic, but hers are the freshest and I don’t pick up anything else as new.”
That name snapped both me and my demon out of our horny trance. Oh, shit. I’d heard of him. If the devil was a rock star, Zur-Sin was his lead guitarist.
“Look at her.” There was a touch of awe in Zur-Sin’s voice. “Starved and in desperate need of a shower, yet she’s got me eager enough to cum in my pants like I was fifteen all over again.” He glanced at his erection, then at Cooper’s. “You too. Now that’s power.” He pulled out his phone and took a picture of me. “See? I’m even sending proof to Flynn.”
“No!” I cried out. Fear of hurting my father somehow trumped my demon for a second and gained control again.

“Oops, too late.” He shook his head. “What am I going to do with you, Pia?”

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